1. It’s better to ask for help _____ to struggle for hours. If you finish your homework,  _____ call me and we can go to the park.

A) than, then

B) then, than

2. She wanted to _____ her hair purple, but she was afraid it might look like she would _____ soon.

A) die, dye

B) dye, die

3. There was a big _____ in the ground after the earthquake and the ______ village was there to see it.

A) hole, whole

B) whole, hole

4. He wants me to write an essay about _________ with him, but I don’t want to do it because everyone has their own ________ when it comes to writing.

A) peace, pace

B) pace, peace

5. He _____ the History exam with flying colors, while others had trouble remembering _____ events.

A) passed, past

B) past, passed

6. The _____ announced new policies today, which will have a _____ impact on the city’s development.

A) mayor, major

B) major, mayor

7. I’m considering buying a more ________ car to save money on fuel, especially with the current _________ uncertainty.

A) economic, economical

B) economical, economic

8. After buying the ingredients, she threw away the _________ and she started to look for the ________in her agenda.

A) recipe, receipt

B) receipt, recipe

9. Can you _____ me the book for a day? I forgot mine at home and I don’t want to _____ one from the library.

A) lend, borrow

B) borrow, lend

12 thoughts on “Vocabular”

    • Felicitari, Mirela! Doar o singura problema este:
      7- “economical” atunci cand ma refer la ceva ce economiseste bani

    • Super! Hai sa mai invatam ceva:

      7 – “economical” cand ma refer la ceva ce economiseste bani
      9 – “lend” cand dai si “borrow” cand iei

    • Foarte bine, Adina! Mai invatam o chestie…sau poate nu ai fost atenta…

      1 – than = decat; then = atunci….sau poate nu ti-ai dat seama de traducere

    • Bine ai venit cu raspunsurile tale, Ana! Sunt foarte bine, doar la 7 invatam asa:

      – “economical” cand ma refer la ceva ce economiseste bani


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