Pronume demonstrative

Pronume demonstrative in engleza





THIS = acesta, aceasta, acest, aceasta


What’s this?

What’s this tree?


THESE = acestia, acestea, acesti, aceste


These are your things.

These things are yours.


THAT = acela, aceea, acel, acea


That was a good question.

That question was a good one.


THOSE = aceia, acelea, acei, acele


Those are his children.

Those children can speak English.



Situatii de folosire a pronumelor demonstrative, spre deosebire de limba romana



Cand faci cunostinta:


This is Diane. (Ea este Diana)

This is my friend, Jerry. (El e prietenul meu, Jerry.)


In anumite cazuri in loc de “acesta” din limba romana:


What was that?!?


What do you mean by that?


There’s nothing we can do about that.


Alte cazuri:


(Bate cineva la usa)

Who’s that? (Cine e?)

(Who is it?)


La telefon:


Hi, this is Jerry.


(Hi, it’s Jerry.)


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