Present Perfect Simple – Past Simple

Tradu in limba engleza:


1. Vremea a devenit rece in ultimul timp.

2. A inceput sa ploua de dimineata devreme.

3. Poti sa vezi ca a venit toamna.

4. Anul trecut toamna a venit mai devreme.

5. Nu-mi amintesc cand s-a racit in septembrie trecut.

6. Frunzele au inceput sa cada?

7. Nu au inceput inca.

8. Oamenii aveau geci cand au plecat de acasa.

9. Ai luat o umbrela cand ai iesit?

10. M-am uitat afara si am vazut ca era innorat atunci.

11. Nu mi-am cumparat o geaca noua pana acum.

12. Am cumparat o pereche de ghete acum cateva zile.

13. Astazi m-am uitat la buletinul meteo.

14. Acum o ora, un prieten mi-a spus ca meciul de fotbal a fost anulat.

15. Tie ti s-a facut frig?


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Present Perfect Simple – Present Perfect Continuous – Past Simple

  1. How long you (be) interested in books?
  2. I think I (like) reading books since I (start) secondary school.
  3. Really? And how you (become) interested in reading?
  4. Well, I (not want) to eat and I (use to) ask my grandma to read a story for me while I was eating. And this is how I (start)  to see how entertaining the books were.
  5. So you (read) for a long time… How many books you (read) so far?
  6. I couldn’t tell that! Who’d count the books?! I (read) a lot and I also (like) a lot.
  7. What kind of books you (like)?
  8. When I (be) a teenager I (like) adventure books, but for some time I (study) science books.

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Past Simple – Present Perfect Simple – exercitii

  1. I think the manager (decide) for all the employees to meet him.
  2. He (call) everybody some time ago.
  3. He (not talk) to his personal assistant yet.
  4. His personal assistant (come) to work today?
  5. She (arrive) even earlier than 9 a.m.
  6. She (arrange) some meetings for the manager the moment she (arrive).
  7. I guess she (not send) all the invitations so far because she (not have) time.
  8. She (send) them a minute ago.
  9. How long it (take) her to type the emails?
  10. She types very quickly. She (learn) how to type quickly when she (be) in high-school.

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Exercitii Present Perfect Simple/Present Perfect Continuous/Past Simple

1.”You (read) Think and grow rich”?

2. “Not yet. I mean I (start) reading it five months ago, but I (not finish) it.”

3. “Do you mean you (read) it for a few months?”

4. “Well, not exactly. Meanwhile, I (read) other books, too. I always (like) Anthony Robbins. In fact I (send) him an email. I (wait) for his answer since then.”

5. “Oh, this is interesting! When and how it (occur) to you to write an email? I never (think) about it.”

6. “To be honest I (think) about it since I (read) his first book.”

7.”I see. Well, it seems that you (be) very busy lately. I suppose you also (need) a lot of free time these months…”

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Exercitii Present Perfect Simple/Present Perfect Continuous/Past Simple

1. “What he (do) since he (arrive)?”

2. “Well, he (write) emails on the computer.”

3. “How many emails do you think he (write) so far?”

4. “I don’t know, but I’m sure he (write) a lot. He (write) for over an hour.

5. I wonder if he has a problem or something because he (write) emails yesterday, too.”

6. “You (see) him writing them yesterday?”

7. “No, but he (tell) me about that.”

8. “He (ask) you any help?”

9. “No, he (tell) me not to disturb him.

10. “I just wonder why he (write) emails for two days…”

Present Perfect Simple & Continuous/ Past Simple

  1. It (rain) a lot this spring.
  2. It (rain) yesterday and last week, too.
  3. The weather (be) very bad so far.
  4. In fact it’s raining this moment. It (rain) for half an hour.
  5. It seems we (not see) a sunny day for ages.
  6. I (be) happy when I (see) a few sunrays two days ago.
  7. But my happiness (be) short lived because it immediately (start) raining.
  8. I (be) very bored and tired lately because of the weather.
  9. My friends (call) me for a few days in order to go to a club.
  10. My mother also (tell) me for a while to go out.