Used to, Be used to, Get used to

Gaseste varianta corecta:


1. I ______________ meals without any meat; I’ve been doing it for a while.

a). am used to eat

b). used to eat

c). am used to eating


2.  ____________ in such a noisy area?

a). Did you got used to sleeping

b). Have you got used to sleeping

c). Have you got used to sleep


3. ________________ football when they were in the primary school?

a). Did they use to play

b) Did they used to play

c). Did they use to playing


4. When my cousin was in France, she couldn’t _____________ everybody.

a). get used to hugging

b). get used to hug

c). got used to hugging


5. He _____________ in a big company, but now he runs one.

a). didn’t used to working

b). didn’t use to work

c). wasn’t used to work


6. People in the countryside ________________ hard.

a). use to work

b). used to working

c). are used to working


7. Your grandpa will have ______________________ without salt because of his heart problems.

a). to get used to eating

b). to be used to eating

c). get used to eat


8. _______________ a row of houses in this field, but now there’s the highway.

a). It used to be

b). It was used to being

c). There used to be


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SOME, ANY si derivati

Alege varianta potrivita:

SOME / ANY exercises


1. “Would you like ___ tea?”

“Yes, please, ____ lemon tea would be great!”

a). any / some

b). any / any

c). some / some

d). some / something


2. They couldn’t find _____ good books at the library and they decided to buy _____ .

a). anything / something

b). any / some

b). some / something

d). any / any


3. “Is there _____ we can do for him?” “Well, I’m afraid there is _____ we can do. He wants to solve _______ of the problems himself.”

a). anything / something / some

b). something / nothing / some

c). anything / anything / something

d). anything / nothing / some


4. Mary can’t find her keys ______. She remembers leaving them _______, but she doesn’t remember _______ after that.”

a). anywhere / somewhere / anything

b). somewhere / somewhere / nothing

c). anywhere / somewhere / something

d). somewhere / anywhere / anything


5. “Did you drink _______?” “I didn’t want to drink _____, although I was invited to have _____  juice, but you know I drink _______ but water.”

a). anything / anything / some / some

b). anything / anything / any / anything

c). something / anything / no / something

d). anything / anything / some / nothing


6. “There were hardly ______ people I knew at the party and I didn’t even manage to make _______ new friends. That was the reason why I hadn’t wanted to go _______ that night.”

a). some / some / nowhere

b). some / any / anywhere

c). any / any / anywhere

d). any / any / nowhere


7. ________ could have done better than you in this project and this is why the manager chose you to do it! So, don’t worry if _________ is envious of your success!”

a). Anybody / somebody

b). Nobody / anybody

c). Somebody / nobody

d). Nobody / somebody


8. He keeps telling us that ________  is impossible and we can do ________ we dream about.

a). something / something

b). nothing / anything

c). anything / something

d). anything / anything


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Exercitii Verbe Modale

Alege varianta potrivita:

1. It _________our cat scratching the door all night since it was sleeping in our bedroom.

a). may not have been

b). can’t have been

c). can’t be

d). shouldn’t be

2. Why is she wasting her time? She ________ the project until now.

a). should finish

b). must finish

c). can have finished

d). should have finished

3. We __________ get a pay rise for December, but nobody is sure yet.

a). can

b). might

c). should

d). would

4. Daniel __________ English, but the school has already enrolled him in German classes.

a). would rather study

b). wouldn’t study

c). would rather not study

d). had better study

5. Manager: “You ______ be here at the meeting.”

Employee: “I _____ be there at the meeting.”

a). may/can

b). should / need

c). must / have to

d). have to / must

6. Humans are the only beings that _______ use their reasoning.

a). must

b). should

c). have to

d). can

7. Hurry up! Your boyfriend _____________ for you already!

a). must have been waiting

b). must wait

c). must have waited

d). must be waiting

8. Employees _____________ leave the office on any account.

a). must

b). must not

c). can

d). cannot

9. You _________ find some of the most colourful flowers in this public garden.

a). should

b). ought to

c). have to

d). may

10. Why are you playing on the computer? You ___________ your work by now!

a). must finish

b). have to finish

c). should have finished

d). ought have finished

11. You ________ work for the presentation tomorrow, we have plenty of time.

a). mustn’t

b). don’t need

c). can’t

d). don’t have to

12. If you don’t have the watch any more, you _________it.

a). can have lost

b). must have lost

c). must lost

d). could have lost


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Test 2

Test 2

1. She has ____ money, so she can’t buy that ______ coloured dress.

a). little / beautifully

b). few / beautifully

c.) little / beautiful

d). few / beautiful


2. The _______ rooms are upstairs, while their ________ room is downstairs.

a). children’s / parent’s

b). children’s / parents’

c) childrens’ / parents’

d). children’ / parents’


3. Neither Tom _________ his father __________ coffee.

a). nor / drinks

b). or / drinks

c). nor / drink

d). or / drink


4. __________of these two rooms __________ very clean.

a). Neither / is

b). None / is

c). Neither / aren’t

d). None / isn’t

5. While I _________, I ________the flowers that _________wonderful.

a). was walking/ was smelling / were looking

b). walked / smelled / were looking

c). was walking / was smelling / looked

d). walked / was smelling / looked


6. When our father was younger, he ______ get tired as quickly as now.

a). didn’t used to

b). used to

c). use to

d). didn’t use to


7. Firemen couldn’t put ___ the fire and their house burnt____, but hey had put _____some money and they could put _____with the situation.

a). off / down / back / up

b). out / down / aside / up

c). off / up / back / down

d). out / up / aside / down


8. I don’t know where _____ because I _____ her three times this morning and she _______, but I’m not going to call her again since it’s already 2 p.m.

a). is she / called / didn’t answer

b). she is / have called / hasn’t answered

c). is she / have called / hasn’t answered

d). she is / called / didn’t answer


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Cu ce timpuri din engleza traducem prezentul din romana – EXERCITII


Mananc => repetat => Present Simple

Mananc => NErepetat => Present Continuous

Mananc de x timp / de nu-stiu-cand => Present Perfect Continuous (daca permite verbul; daca nu, Present Perfect Simple)

Despre verbele care nu pot fi puse la un timp continuu AICI, de la minutul 10.08.

Tradu in limba engleza:

1. Tocmai scriu un mail.

2. Intotdeauna scriu mailuri la lucru.

3. Scriu mailuri de cand am venit.

4. Discuta problema de peste o ora.

5. De obicei discuta probleme in sedinta.

6. Discuta o probema importanta astazi.

7. Toamna este aici de peste o saptamana.

8. Toamna este aici acum.

9. Toamna este aici in fiecare octombrie.

10. Managerii vostri nu sunt niciodata de acord unul cu altul?

11. Acum sunt de acord unul cu altul?

12. De cand timp sunt de acord?


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Present Perfect Simple – Past Simple

Tradu in limba engleza:


1. Vremea a devenit rece in ultimul timp.

2. A inceput sa ploua de dimineata devreme.

3. Poti sa vezi ca a venit toamna.

4. Anul trecut toamna a venit mai devreme.

5. Nu-mi amintesc cand s-a racit in septembrie trecut.

6. Frunzele au inceput sa cada?

7. Nu au inceput inca.

8. Oamenii aveau geci cand au plecat de acasa.

9. Ai luat o umbrela cand ai iesit?

10. M-am uitat afara si am vazut ca era innorat atunci.

11. Nu mi-am cumparat o geaca noua pana acum.

12. Am cumparat o pereche de ghete acum cateva zile.

13. Astazi m-am uitat la buletinul meteo.

14. Acum o ora, un prieten mi-a spus ca meciul de fotbal a fost anulat.

15. Tie ti s-a facut frig?


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