Used to, Be used to, Get used to

Gaseste varianta corecta:


1. I ______________ meals without any meat; I’ve been doing it for a while.

a). am used to eat

b). used to eat

c). am used to eating


2.  ____________ in such a noisy area?

a). Did you got used to sleeping

b). Have you got used to sleeping

c). Have you got used to sleep


3. ________________ football when they were in the primary school?

a). Did they use to play

b) Did they used to play

c). Did they use to playing


4. When my cousin was in France, she couldn’t _____________ everybody.

a). get used to hugging

b). get used to hug

c). got used to hugging


5. He _____________ in a big company, but now he runs one.

a). didn’t used to working

b). didn’t use to work

c). wasn’t used to work


6. People in the countryside ________________ hard.

a). use to work

b). used to working

c). are used to working


7. Your grandpa will have ______________________ without salt because of his heart problems.

a). to get used to eating

b). to be used to eating

c). get used to eat


8. _______________ a row of houses in this field, but now there’s the highway.

a). It used to be

b). It was used to being

c). There used to be


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