Past Simple – Present Perfect Simple

Alege varianta corecta:

1. Sarah __________ the email when  her manager _________ her all the details.

a) wrote / has given

b) has written / has given

c) wrote / gave

d) has written / gave

2. We __________ that museum in winter and we also __________ some pictures there.

a) visited / took 

b) have visited / took

c) visited / have taken

d) have visited / have taken

3. Tom __________ a new laptop on Black Friday, but he__________ to bring it here.

a) bought / has forgotten

b) has bought / forgot

c) bought / forgot

d) has bought / has forgotten

4. I __________ that film, but I still ___________ what it is all about.

a) saw / didn’t understand

b) have seen / have understood

c) saw / haven’t understood

d) have seen / haven’t understood

5. When ______________ her presentation? __________working on the next project?

a) did she finish / did she start

b) has she finished / has she started

c) has she finished / did she start

d) did she finish / has she started

6. Mark __________ his phone and __________ it to the police the next day.

a) lost / has reported

b) has lost / reported

c) lost / reported

d) has lost / has reported

7. She ____ the table, but she ______ about the glass she ______ when _______ under the table.

a) lay / lay / broke / lain

b) laid / lied / broke / lay

c) has laid / has lied / has broken /  has lain

d) laid / lay / broke / laid

8. Sarah __________ recently in multiple competitions, and all her friends _________ her on her results.

a) participated / has congratulated

b) has participated / congratulated

c) participated / congratulated

d) has participated / have congratulated

9. We __________ to Europe twice and __________ many famous cities.

a) travelled / have visited

b) have travelled / visited

c) travelled / visited

d) have travelled / have visited

Jack _________ a new car, but he ___________the opportunity to drive any car since last year.

a) has bought / hasn’t had

b) bought / had

c) has bought / didn’t have

d) bought / has had

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