Verb la infinitiv sau cu terminatie -ing

Tradu propozitiile folosind verbe la infinitiv sau cu terminatie “-ing”:

1. They regretted (tell) her they had seen her boyfriend with somebody else.

2. We stopped (have)  a coffee at a restaurant on our way to the park.

3. How could he forget (send) her greetings on her birthday?

4. When her son is a student, they are going to consider (take) a loan for his studies.

5. I don’t recommend (walk) to that place, it’s too far away.

6. Are you thinking about (prepare) a starter or a main course for today?

7. What do doctors suggest (do) in such a situation?

8. Our rules forbid visitors (smoke) here.

9. We can only forgive her because she spoke without (think).

10. This very good student has always enjoyed (be) the best.

11. People would really like (sleep) more in the mornings.

12. Healthy living means not only (eat) healthy things, but also (have) the right mindset.

13. Do they allow (drink) alcoholic drinks in this institution?

14. They had a party after they succeeded in (build) their own house.

15. It isn’t necessary to take the children to school, they have already got used to (go) alone.

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Verbe la infinitiv sau cu -ING

Tradu propozitiile folosind verbe la infinitiv sau cu terminatie “-ing”:

1. Imi amintesc ca am citit cartea asta acum ceva vreme.

2. V-ati oprit sa mancati acolo?

3. Regret ca i-am spus ca prietenul ei o insela.

4. Proiectul acela va insemna categoric sa ma trezesc extrem de devreme.

5. Am crezut ca terminase, dar a continuat sa se planga de aceleasi lucruri.

6. Reglementarile companiei interzic angajatilor sa bea alcool in timpul orelor de lucru, dar nu interzic sa bea dupa aceea.

7. Nu m-am putut abtine sa nu mananc o prajitura mare cu ciocolata.

8. Noi n-am sugerat sa petrecem timp intr-un local, a fost idea lor.

9. Continua sa exersezi si in final vei putea merge pe bicicleta!

10. Din fericire tocmai mi-am amintit sa-ti dau niste indicii ca sa rezolvi misterul.


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