Propozitii cu diverse timpuri

Tradu in limba engleza:

1. La doua saptamani dupa Craciun, doua prietene vorbesc:

2. Deci cum ti-ai petrecut Craciunul?

3. Pot sa spun ca a fost cel mai bun Craciun!

4. De ce spui asta? Ai petrecut multe concedii de Craciun dragute pana acum.

5. Intr-adevar, dar acesta a fost special pentru ca ne-am dus la mare.

–         Unde?

6. Noi vruseseram sa mergem pe litoralul nostru si chiar merseseram la o agentie de turism.

7. Pentru ca nu am putut gasi o oferta convenabila, agentul a sugerat Cipru.

8. Cautaseram o oferta buna timp de doua saptamani inainte sa ne hotaram in cele din urma sa mergem acolo.

9. Nu ma gandisem ca voi vizita vreodata Cipru, dar pot sa-ti spun ca a fost cel mai bun concediu pe care l-am petrecut vreodata.

10. A fost atat de dragut, incat ne-am hotarat ca vom merge acolo si anul viitor.

11. De atunci ma gandesc la asta.

12. Sunt atat de entuziasmata acum, cand iti povestesc.


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Exercitii cu diverse timpuri

Pune verbele din paranteze la timpul potrivit, apoi vezi rezolvarea in videoclip:

(Situation: one more week until Christmas.)

“She (wait) for this Christmas for ages…”

“You (think) so?”

“I (be) sure. She (tell) me that when I (go) to see her two weeks ago. She already (start) to make plans before I (arrive).”

“What she (tell) you?”

“She (say) she (decorate) the Christmas tree two weeks before Christmas.”

“But I (think) the tree (not resist) until 25th, it (not be) a green tree any longer.”

“I also (say) that!”

“Ha, ha… Don’t tell me she already (cook)!”

“No! Of course not! It (not be) possible.”

“What else she (do) before you (visit) her?”

“She just (decorate) the outside of the house. The lights (be) all up when I (be) there.

“Her house (look) nice now?”

“Very nice!”

“You (know) what cakes she (make)? She (make) very delicious cakes.”

“She (tell) me that, but I almost immediately (forget). You (know) I (not be) keen on sweets.”

“Oh, forget about that stupid diet! At least on Christmas!”





Exercitii cu diverse timpuri

Pune verbele din paranteze la Present Simple / Present Continuous / Present Perfect Simple / Present Perfect Continuous / Past Simple, apoi vezi rezolvarea in videoclip:

1. My friends (move) house recently.

2. They already (buy) the furniture.

3. They (buy) it two weeks ago and they (carry) it since then.

4. A plumber (promise) to come yesterday, but he (not come).

5. My friends often (throw) parties because they (not like) silence.

6. This is why they (order) a big living room when they (talk) with the architect for the first time.

7. The point is that they (spend) a lot of money with the house so far.

8. Every week they (spend) more than 1000 dollars.

9. Every day, they (work) a lot, too.

10. So far, they (do) the cleaning, but they (forget) about the windows.

11. Today they (need) to buy a ladder for that.

12. What they (do) tomorrow?



Propozitii cu diverse timpuri – a ploua

Tradu in engleza urmatoarele propozitii, apoi vezi in videoclip daca ai tradus bine:


1. Plouă in fiecare noiembrie.

2. Plouă si in seara asta.

3. Plouă de doua zile / de dimineată.

4. A plouat acum o ora.

5. A plouat mult saptamana asta.

6. Ploua cand m-am trezit.

7. Plouase pana cand am spalat masina.

8. Am fost sigură că va ploua.

9. Cred că va ploua mult.

10. Uită-te la nori! O să plouă!


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Diverse timpuri

Tradu in engleza urmatoarele propozitii, apoi vezi in videoclip rezolvarea.

1. Beau cafea in fiecare dimineata.
2. Beau cafea in aceasta dimineata.
3. Beau cafea de mult timp.
4. Am baut cafea si ieri.
5. Am baut cafea multa astazi.
6. Beam cafeaua cand m-ai invitat la o prajitura.
7. Bausem cafea cand m-ai invitat la o prajitura.
8. Am spus ca voi bea cafea.
9. Cred ca va bea multa cafea.
10. Am de gand sa beau cafea.


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