Exercitii Present Simple – Present Continuous

Exercitii Present Simple / Present Continuous (avansati)


  1. You (see) what I (see) there??
  2. What? Oh, it’s a UFO!
  3. Look! Some aliens (get off) it.
  4. You (understand) anything? Why they (be) here?
  5. I (not understand)…. Maybe they (meet) somebody today.
  6. But who they (meet)?
  7. You (want) to go there and ask them?
  8. I (be) afraid they (may) catch us.
  9. What you (think) they (can) do to us?
  10. I (not know)… Listen! You (hear) that sound?
  11. Yes, I (guess) they (take off) now.
  12. They (leave) here those two aliens who have just got off?
  13. It (seem) that they (be) some scientists and they (do) some research for the moment.
  14. Hey, John! What you (think) about?
  15. Nothing…. I (dream) with my eyes open….

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Exercitii Present Simple / Present Continuous (avansati)


1. “How many times a week you (see) your grandparents?”

2. “I (not see) them very often .”

3. “You (see) them today?

4. “No, not today. Today I (have) an appointment with my lawyer.”

“Your lawyer? Why??”

5. “Well, I (have) a party this weekend and I (not want) to break the law. I (want) to ask him a few questions.”

6. “I (not see) why. I (be) sure it won’t be a problem. I (know) you (have) a large house with a big garden and it (not be) so close to your neighbours.”

7. “I (hope) so. I usually (invite) a lot of people but this time I (invite) only some of my business partners.”


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Exercitii Present Simple / Present Continuous (avansati)

1. “What he (do)?”

2. “I (think) he (write) emails in his rooms.”

3. ” I (suppose) he (think) about moving with his girlfriend.”

4. “Really?? Now I (understand) why he (talk) to her every day.”

5. “Yes, they (discuss) all the details today.”

6. “Maybe he (move) next weekend.”

7. “You (think) he (be) happy?”

8. “He (be), but his friends (give) him a lot of contradictory advice these days.”

9. “Look, he (come)!”

10. “Hi, Bob, you (be) ok?”

Present Simple/Continuous (avansati)

  1. The water (boil), can you turn it off?
  2. Water (boil) at 100 degrees Celsius.
  3. I’m sorry, you can’t see her now. She (have) a shower.
  4. They (have dinner) now. They always (have) dinner at this time.
  5. Your parents (have) a car?
  6. I (be) so happy! I (have) a party tonight.
  7. How blood (circulate) through the body?
  8. I (see) my girlfriend tonight.
  9. I (not need) glasses, I (see) very well.
  10. What you (think) about?
  11. Her brother (think) she (be) very naughty these days. She (not be) usually like that.
  12. I (hear) that honey can be used as an antiseptic. It (be) right?
  13. Speak louder, please! I (not hear) what you (say).
  14. Her mother (not feel) good these days.
  15. He (feel) that she (be) in trouble and she (have) a problem with her exams.
  16. “I (feel) this material to see if it is soft.” “it (feel) soft?”
  17. Yummy…the cake (taste) so good!
  18. What she (do)? Well, she (taste) that pizza.
  19. I (not know) if he is right.
  20. She (agree) with you?
  21. No, she (not agree) with me now, but I (understand her).
  22. It (smell) awful in this room now.
  23. “Hey, what you (do)?” “I (smell) these beautiful flowers.”
  24. This car (belong) to you?
  25. Oh, he always (tell) me the same jokes. My father (hate) that.
  26. The Danube (flow) into the Black Sea.
  27. The Danube (flow) very fast because of so much rain.
  28. She (seem) very tired these days.
  29. “They (believe) in ghosts?” “Well, I (not remember) exactly right now.”
  30. Tom usually (drink) coffee, but now he (prefer) a cup of hot tea.
  31. I (hope) you (know) what you (do) now with that mowing machine in my bedroom!
  32. Come here little kitty! My child (want) to play with you now.