Present Simple / Present Continuous

  1. Stop making noise! I (work).
  2. I’m sorry, you can’t see him now. He (sleep).
  3. We can go now. It (not snow) any more.
  4. You (come) from Spain?
  5. He (work) in a shop.
  6. How often she (go) to the gym?
  7. I’m exhausted, I (go) to bed right now.
  8. She is on holiday this week. She (travel) to Italy.
  9. He is a taxi driver. He (drive) a taxi in Birmingham.
  10. My friend usually (do) a lot of housework.
  11. His sister usually (not do) anything to help him.
  12. Lucy (not drink) coffee so often.
  13. “What you (do)?” “I (try) to make a cake.”
  14. I hate living in England. It often (rain).
  15. She (not walk) to school today. She (use) her bike.
  16. His child rarely (cry).
  17. He (watch) Discovery regularly?
  18. Today it (be) hot. That’s why we (wear) T-shirts.
  19. Tom (not like) vegetables although they (be) healthy.
  20. His cousin (not listen) to music right now, he (be) busy with his homework.
  21. “What you (study)?” “Oh, I (read) a magazine…”
  22. What time he usually (wake up)?
  23. Where your grandparents (live)?
  24. Hurry up, please! Everybody (wait) for you now.
  25. The manager always (stay) at Hilton, but this time he (go) to the nearest resort.
  26. Normally he (finish) work at 5 p.m., but today he (work) until 6 p.m.
  27. Lucy (be) at the pool this moment; she (learn) to swim.
  28. It (not rain) very much in autumn in this region.
  29. It (take) me ten minutes to go to my dentist. How long it (take) to you?
  30. “you (be) ready?” “No, I just (cut) the bread.”
  31. Look! Jerry (swim)!