Test grila 9

1. For any _________ information, don’t hesitate to call me.

a). much

b). further

c). farther

2. That’s the author _______ book has just been awarded.

a) whose

b) which

c) who’s

3. Each of us _______ a favourite activity we like to spend time with.

a) have

b) has

c) is having

4. Would _________ like a cup of tea?

a) anyone

b) anybody

c) someone

5. His wife is working very hard. She ___________ in the kitchen for hours to prepare the food for his birthday.

a) has worked

b) ‘s been working

c) is working

6. They __________ to Cluj, but they are home now.

a) have been

b) have gone

c) are gone

7. How many invitations _______________ so far?

a) did she sent

b) did she send

c)  has she sent

8. The teacher asked the students what _________

a) was their names

b) were their names

c) their names were

Phrasal verbs – test grila

Alege varianta potrivita:

1. “It’s cold in the room. Please __________ the heating!”

“But I’ve just __________!”

a). turn on / turned it off

b). turn off / turned it on

c). turn up / turned it down

d). turn down / turned it up

2. The music is too loud; it’s disturbing the neighbours. Could you please __________ the volume? You can _________ up again tomorrow morning.

a). turn on / turn it off

b). turn off / turn it on

c). turn up / turn it down

d). turn down / turn it up

3. The bus is about to leave. Hurry up and __________ before it’s too late. Don’t forget to __________ at the next stop.

a). get in / get out of

b). get out of / get on

c). get on / get off

d). get off / get on

4. The airplane has landed at the airport. Passengers are requested to remain seated until the aircraft comes to a complete stop and the seatbelt sign is __________. Once the sign is off, you can ______ the plane.

a). turned off / get off

b). turned on / get out of

c). got off / get out of

d). got on / get off

5. Emily can’t find her keys anywhere. She’s been __________ them all morning and she still can’t believe she hasn’t __________ them.

a). looking after / taken off

b). looking for / taken care of

c). looking for / taken on

d). looking after / taken care of

6. As the new CEO, your responsibility is to __________ the company’s operations and __________ the business.

a). takeover / look after

b). look after / take over

c). take over / look after

d). take off / look for

7. The kids want to go to the park. Let’s _________our tracksuits and __________ the car!

a). put out / get into

b). put on / get on

c). take off / get on

d). put on / get in

8. The two neighbours finally managed to __________ their arguments and now they ____________ with each other quite well.

a). get over / get along

b). get down / get on

c). get along / get over

d). get down to / get along

9. The weather forecast predicted rain, so I decided to ________ my plans for a picnic and _________ the situation.

a). put on / put up

b). put off / put on

c). put on / put off

d). put off / put up with

10. Sarah wants to __________ a new hobby. She’s __________ some ideas online.

a). take up / looking for

b). take up / looks for

c). take over / looking after

d). take on / looks after

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Test 8

Test grila 8

1. Choose the correct sentence:

a). She’d better tell him the truth.

b). She would better tell him the truth.

c). She had better to tell him the truth.

2. Let’s have a cup of tea!

a). She suggested to have a cup of tea.

b). She suggests to have a cup of tea.

c). She suggested having a cup of tea.

3. I’ll finish the story when _____________ again next Sunday.

a). we meet

b). we’ll meet

c). we met

4. He doesn’t mind ________ work by bus.

a). to go to

b). going to

c). to go at

5. He couldn’t go out. It rained all day long.

a). He could have gone out if it had rained all day long.

b). He could have gone out if it hadn’t rained all day long.

c). If it didn’t rain all day long, he could go out.

6). “How much money do you have in your pocket now?”

a). He wanted to know how much money I do have in my pocket now.

b). He wanted to know how much money did I have in my pocket then.

c). He wanted to know how much money I had in my pocket then.

7. He ___________ here ________ more hours.

a). had been / for

b). has been / since

c). ‘s been / for

8. Who __________ by?

a). was this book written

b). this book wrote

c). did this book write

9. Choose the correct sentence:

a). The others people went home after the meeting.

b). The other people went home after the meeting.

c). Others people went home after the meeting.

10. __________ to school yesterday.

a). Neither of the two boys went

b). None of the two boys has gone

c). None of the two boys went

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Test 7


(concordanta timpurilor)

1. The girl was having a bath because her feet ________ dirty.
a) are
b). were
c). will be

2. Even at that time everybody knew that washing hands ________ infectious diseases.
a). prevents
b). prevented
c). had prevented

3. She will call you when she ________ there.
a). will get
b). got
c). gets

4. His friend was just telling him she ___________ that moment.
a). is cooking
b). was cooking
c). cooked

5. He realized that somebody __________ all the cake.
a). is eating
b). has eaten
c). had eaten

6. The food was so great that they were sure it __________ in a few minutes.
a). would be eaten
b). will be eaten
c). would eat

7. Half an hour ago, he promised me he ____________ the book tomorrow.
a). would bring
b). will bring
c). brought

8. They are telling me they have no idea who __________ this system.
a). invented
b). invents
c). invent

9. Did you tell the child that the Earth ____________ around the Sun?
a). rotates
b). rotated
c). rotate

10. I’ll call you as soon as I _______ the results.

a). got

b). will have

c). have


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Test 6

Test 6

  1. On the phone, he told his new team he______________ forward ____________them all.

a). is looking / to seeing

b). looked / to see

c). was looking / to seeing

d). was looking / to see


  1. If she had studied Computer Science, she _______     ______ money every month this year.

a). would have earned / many more

b). would earn / many more

c). would have earned / much more

d). would earn / much more


  1. Next week we  ___________ the trainees and we already ____________ the practical test for everybody.

a). meet / have scheduled

b). are meeting / have scheduled

c). are meeting / scheduled

d). have met / have scheduled


  1. He likes to travel and he has seen places like ____ Philippines, ____ Caribbean, ____Loch Ness, ____ Alps or ___ Mount Everest.

a). – / – / – / – / –

b). the / the / – / the / –

c). the / the / the / the / the

d). the / the / the / the / –


  1. I’m a stressful person, _____ I?

a). aren’t

b). don’t

c). am


  1. Cu cat devine mai puternic, cu atat poate cara mai multe bagaje grele.

a).  The stronger he becomes, the heavier luggage he can carry.

b). He becomes stronger and he can carry more heavy luggage.

c). He becomes stronger and he can carry heavier luggage.

d). The stronger he becomes, the more heavy luggage he can carry.


  1. We have ________that they’ve made _________.

a). evidences / many progresses

b). evidences / much progress

c). evidence / much progress

d). evidence / many progresses


  1. Now he’s used _________more vegetables, although he used _________more meat a few years ago.

a). to eating / to eat

b). to eat / to eat

c). to eat / to eating

d). to eating / to eating


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Test 5

Test 5


  1. No item of clothing will be returned without a _________

a). receive

b). recipe

c). receipt

d). receipe


  1. The books _________ you saw on the desk are mine.

a). that

b). which

c). whom

d). who


  1. He’s going to make a cup of coffee after he ________ and he’ll call her when he __________it.

a). shaves / will finish

b). will shave / will finish

c). will shave / finishes

d). has shaved / finishes


  1. “Send me a message if you talk to her!”, Charlie asked his friend.
    Charlie asked his friend ___________________.

a). to send him a message if he talk to her

b). sending him a message if he talk to her

c). to send him a message if he talked to her

d). to sent him a message if he talked to her


  1. I ____________ to a party, so I ___________ Saturday night with you.

a). was invited / won’t be able to spend

b). have been invited / won’t be able to spend

c). was invited / can’t spend

d). have invited / can’t spend


  1. “Where is my phone?”, my grandpa asked.
    My grandpa wanted to know where ________________.

a). was his phone

b). his phone was

c). is my phone

d). was his phone


  1. He was talking to us as if he ___________ our boss.

a). was

b). were

c). has been

d). had been


  1. __________ the book before he ________ the film?

a). Had he read / watched

b). He had read / watched

c). Did he read / had watched

d). He read / had watched


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