Grade de comparatie

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1. This car is __________________ I have ever seen.

a). one of the most modern car

b). one of the most modern cars

c). one of the more modern car

d). one of more modern cars


2. He was ___________ when he left the house __________ when he came back.

a). more tired / than

b). the most tired / then

c). more tired / then

d). the most tired / than


3. _____________ you start your work, ______________ you’ll finish.

a). The early / the soon

b). Earlier / Sooner

c). The earliest / the sooner

d). The earlier / the sooner


4. If you need ________ practice, go to a ________ advanced exercise book!

a). farthest / most

b). farther / most

c). further / more

d). furthest / more


5. They carried ____________ luggage by their new car, because there was ___________ space.

a). many more / a lot more

b). much more / a lot less

c). many more / a lot less

d). much more / a lot more


6. At the meeting with the new staff, there was ________ coffee for _________ people.

a). less / more

b). fewer / more

c). little / much

d). least / more


7. Mary is __________ than her parents, although her mother is almost ____________ her father.

a). more taller / as tall as

b). much taller / as taller as

c). much taller / as tall as

d). taller / as much tall as


8. The music at my neighbours was_______________, so I was_______________________.

a). more and more louder / more and more disturbed

b). louder and louder / more and more disturbed

c). louder and louder / less and less disturbed

d). more and more loud / more and more disturbed


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Test 4

Test 4

1. You must congratulate yourself ______ the fact that you don’t depend ______ anyone when you go _______ trips that you are keen _________.

a). for / on / in / –

b). for / on / in / –

c). on / on / on / on

d). about / on / to / about


2. __________ we arrive ______________ we can have a rest.

a). the sooner / the more quickly

b). sooner / more quickly

c). the more soon / the more quickly

d). the sooner / the more quick


3. It was ________ for them to understand because they could ___________ follow the person who was speaking so ________.

a). hardly / hardly / fast

b). hard / hardly / fastly

c). hardly / hard / fast

d). hard / hardly / fast


4. The thief _______ to convince the investigator that he ________ anything wrong but the investigator _________ and he __________ a punishment anyway.

a). was trying / had done / thought / wouldn’t receive

b). was trying / hadn’t done / has been thinking / would receive

c). was trying / hadn’t done / thought / would receive

d). was trying / had done / thought / won’t receive


5. If it __________winter that time, we _____________the house and now we__________ our time in a modern living room.

a). hadn’t been / would have renovated / ’d spend

b). hadn’t been / would have renovated /’d be spending

c). weren’t / would renovate / ’d spend

d). hadn’t been / would have renovated / ’d have spent


6. I remember ________back her book and I also thought about _________some flowers for ___________ the opportunity _________ such a valuable book.

a). brought / buying / having / to read

b). bringing / buying / having / to read

c). to bring / buying / to have / to read

d). bringing / buying / to have / to read


7. The essay that _________to the team last week __________ very slowly because some research had to _________ previously.

a). gave / wrote / was done

b). was given / was writing / be done

c). was given / wrote / be done

d). was given / was being written / be done


8. They are going to come for a cake, _________?

a). aren’t they?

b). do they?

c). don’t they?

d). are they?


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