HAVE diverse forme

1. He ______________ many friends when he lived at his grandparents.

a). hadn’t got

b). hasn’t got

c). didn’t have

2. Jenny has been talking on the phone for half an hour, ____________?

a). hasn’t she?

b). didn’t she?

c). wasn’t she?

3. ___________ to work with their team?

a). Has she

b). Does she have

c). Does she has

4. They ____________two children, only one.

a). haven’t got

b). haven’t

c). have

5. I’m sorry, the manager can’t see you now, he ________________ dinner with a supplier.

a). ‘ve having

b). ‘s having

c). having

6. How long ________________ the same car?

a). have they

b). have they been having

c). have they had

7. They ______________ some guests last night, that’s why they said they couldn’t be disturbed.

a). may have had

b). may had

c). may have

8. She ________ her hair cut at the hairstylist last Friday.

a). ‘s

b). has

c). had

9. Before going out, he _________ had breakfast.

a). had to

b). has

c). had

10. You ______ better leave now or you’ll be late!

a). had

b). have

c). have to