Prepozitii test grila

1. Did you hear that interesting story ___ TV ___ your stay at the hotel?

a) on / during

b) on / while

c) at / while

d) at / during

2. She decided to go ___ a diet ___ an hour of discussions about her health goals.

a) for / after

b) on / during

c) for / during

d) on / after

3. Our colleague told us he would explain how the programme worked ____ an hour _____ that specific day.

a) during / in

b) for / on

c) since / on

d) for / in

4. We were talking ____ the phone when the receptionist mentioned that I had to pay ____ card.

a) on / by

b) on / with

c) at / with

d) at by

5. My former colleague was _____ the train when he saw me ____accident.

a) in / from

b) on / by

c) on / from

d) in / by

6. _________ their stay abroad, the whole team had to face the most impossible issues ________ that company.

a) while / in

b) during / from

c) while / from

d) during / in

7. The nurse had been waiting for them in the office ____ some time, because she didn’t know they had been waiting outside ______ they got there.

a) for / when

b) since / for

c) for / since

d) about / since

8. They were working ____ the morning and _____ the afternoon and they were studying ______ night.

a) – / – / at

b) – / – / –

c) in / in / at

d) in / in / in

9. I usually watch ______TV _____ night, but I didn’t watch that film ________ TV.

a) – / at / on

b) – / at / –

c) on / at / on

d) at / in / at

10. ____ she  was  ______ the plane , she decided to go ____ holiday exactly ______that flight.

a) during / on  / in / while

b) while / in / in / during

c) while / in / to / during

d) while / on /on / during


Alege prepozitia:

1. I’ll do that on/in/at a sunny day.

2. They really need to catch a plane at/to/over Romania.

3. Are there any taxis at/to/about the railway station?

4. We went over/across/above the river by boat.

5. He’s so rich that he can buy the most expensive thing from/in/to this shop.

6. Can we watch at /–/on this film at/-/on TV?

7. I don’t think he was aware about/for/of the consequences.

8. Many people are afraid about/of/from dogs.

9. When they were on/in/at holiday, they took many photos from/at/of the landscapes they saw.

10. His friends started to laugh about/of/at him.

11. They’ve already left to/at/for Canada.

12. She can come to/at/for a cake if she wants.


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Exercitii cu PREPOZITII

Alege prepozitia:

  1. They never play the guitar on/in/at night.
  2. I must congratulate you about/from/on your achievement.
  3. I was watching at/on/- TV when you called.
  4. In fact, I was only listening -/to/at the news at/on/to TV.
  5. They met in/to/on a sunny Monday morning.
  6. We aren’t taking our daughter to/at/up school these days.
  7. He’s interested in/about/for reading books, but he depends of/to/on the local library.
  8. Did you see him in/at/on the evening?
  9. Luckily people can pay with/for/by card in this location, but they can only get there on/by/with foot.
  10. My grandparents are in/to/at home now.
  11. Can you stay in/to/at the door and wait -/for/about the guests?
  12. See you to/at/on the library to/at/on 18th March!
  13. Like/As/From a teacher, I can give you a lot of explanations.
  14. This is the most beautiful place from/at/in the country.


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