Test grila 9

1. For any _________ information, don’t hesitate to call me.

a). much

b). further

c). farther

2. That’s the author _______ book has just been awarded.

a) whose

b) which

c) who’s

3. Each of us _______ a favourite activity we like to spend time with.

a) have

b) has

c) is having

4. Would _________ like a cup of tea?

a) anyone

b) anybody

c) someone

5. His wife is working very hard. She ___________ in the kitchen for hours to prepare the food for his birthday.

a) has worked

b) ‘s been working

c) is working

6. They __________ to Cluj, but they are home now.

a) have been

b) have gone

c) are gone

7. How many invitations _______________ so far?

a) did she sent

b) did she send

c)  has she sent

8. The teacher asked the students what _________

a) was their names

b) were their names

c) their names were

Pronume Test Grila

1. Why are you giving ______ the flowers? Give ____ to _____!

a) his / it / her

b) him / it / her

c) him / them / her

2. It’s ____ new bike and he doesn’t want to give _____ to _____.

a) his / it / them

b) him / it / they

c) his / its / their

3. These books are for _____, not for _____.

a) we / mine

b) us / my

c) us / me

4. ______ hair is longer than ______.

a) hers / mine

b) her / mine

c) her / my

5. “Which pen is _____?” “This one is _____, the other one is _____.”

a) your / my / his

b) yours / mine / his

c) yours / mine / him

6. _____ Jeep is expensive and ______ colour is black.

a) Their / its

b) Their / it’s

c) Theirs / its

7. He always goes to work with ____ and _____.

a) we / they

b) us / they

c) us / them

8. Don’t give _____ the project, give _____ to ______!

a) his / its / their

b) him / it / them

c)  him / it / they

Substantive nenumarabile

1. There _______ some money in the drawer, could you bring ________ to me, please?

a) are / them

b) is / it

c) are / it

d) is / them

2. I don’t remember if I have ________bread or if I need to buy _________.

a) a / one

b) any / a loaf of

c) any / a loaf

d) one / a loaf of

3. The engineer gave us so __________________ that I’m wondering where he knows _______ from.

a) much information / them

b) many informations / them

c) much information / it

d) many information / it

4. All our luggage ______ still in front of the door because we had just come back and we didn’t want to bring ______  inside because _______ dirty.

a) was / it / it was

b) were / them / they were

c) was / them / was

d) was / it / was

5. My daughter has _____________ and she’s waiting for me to give her ___________ on          .

a) a lot of homeworks / some advice / them

b) much homework / advices / it

c) much homework / advice / them

d) a lot of homework / some advice / it

6. All the news she’s bringing _____only what other people think and ________ true.

a) are / they aren’t

b) is / it isn’t

c) are / aren’t

d) is / isn’t

7. _________ people consider they don’t have _________ for themselves.

a) many time / times

b) much times / time

c) many times / time

d) much time / times

8. I’d like to eat ________________every day, but because it’s too much, I only eat ______________from the box that I have.

a) a bar of chocolate / three chocolates

b) a chocolate / three chocolates

c) a bar of chocolate / three bars of chocolate

d) a chocolate / three bars of chocolate

9.  The chef doesn’t allow long _________because he doesn’t want his clients to complain about _________ in their food.

a) hairs / hairs

b) hairs / hair

c) hair / hair

d) hair / hairs

Some, any etc.

  1. I can’t find my keys _________!
  2. He said he had _______special prepared for my birthday.
  3. He didn’t invite __________to the party, only his family members.
  4. ________can join the book club; there are no restrictions on membership.
  5. The king felt generous and he told the witch to take _________she wanted from the palace.
  6. Would you like _________to eat?
  7. Is there ___________specific you’d like to discuss in today’s meeting?
  8. They don’t care about money; they are so rich they can go __________.
  9. Let’s meet ___________quiet where we can talk without interruptions.
  10. He didn’t have ___________in the fridge, he needed to buy ___________.
  11. Is there a supermarket __________in this area?
  12. He saw _________across the street.
  13. They decided not to go ___________on holiday that year.
  14. Has __________seen my phone? I can’t locate it _________. 

Neither – Either – Both

Completeaza cu EITHER, NEITHER sau BOTH:

1.Mary and John are vegetarians. Maria likes vegetables and John doesn’t eat meat ____________.

2. Lisa and Tom don’t like horror movies. They enjoy romantic comedies. Lisa doesn’t like horror movies, and ____________ does Tom.

3. ____________ my parents enjoys hiking. They completely dislike it.

4. You haven’t gone anywhere, so you can choose __________ Paris _______ Rome for this holiday.

5. ________ you can do that, you don’t need a third person.

6. Sarah and Peter come from Spain. Sarah can’t speak French, and ____________ can Peter.

7. .Jack and Jill can play the guitar. _________ Jack _________Jill can play the guitar.

8. I can swim, and I can ski. I enjoy outdoor activities and I like ____________ swimming or skiing.

9. They don’t like tea or coffee. ____________ them drinks hot beverages.

10. The museum is not open on Mondays and Tuesdays. The museum is closed ____________ on Mondays ____________ on Tuesdays.

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Diateza pasiva – test grila

Alege varianta corecta:

1. The report that ________ by the team will be presented tomorrow.

A. has prepared

B. prepared

C. is preparing

D. has been prepared

2. A new mall _________ in the area where I live.

A. will design

B. is being designed

C. will be designing

D. is designing

3. The keys to the manager’s office ________ somewhere in the building. Someone wanted to make a bad joke.

A. are hide

B. hidden

C. have been hidden

D. had been hidden

4. After several months of better trading conditions, the annual bonus __________for the first time in four years.

A. should be paid

B. should pay

C. should have paid

D. should paid

5. The research paper ________ by the end of this semester.

A. will submit

B. is submitting

C. will be submitted

D. has submitted

6. The historical artifacts ________ for display at the museum tomorrow.

A. are preparing

B. were prepared

C. will prepare

D. are being prepared

7. By this time next year, a new highway ________ through this field.

A. will be constructing

B. will have been constructed

C. will have constructed

D. is constructing

8. When I arrived at the office yesterday, an unexpected meeting ________ in the conference room.

A. has held

B. had held

C. has been held

D. had been held

9. Her latest released novel ____________ by millions of fans in the book shops around the country.

A. is reading

B. was reading

C. was being read

D. has been reading

10. The article says that the old haunted mansion ______________into a luxury hotel in the next period.

A. would be convert

B. is going to be converted

C. is converting

D. is going to convert

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