Grade de comparatie

Gaseste varianta corecta:


1. This car is __________________ I have ever seen.

a). one of the most modern car

b). one of the most modern cars

c). one of the more modern car

d). one of more modern cars


2. He was ___________ when he left the house __________ when he came back.

a). more tired / than

b). the most tired / then

c). more tired / then

d). the most tired / than


3. _____________ you start your work, ______________ you’ll finish.

a). The early / the soon

b). Earlier / Sooner

c). The earliest / the sooner

d). The earlier / the sooner


4. If you need ________ practice, go to a ________ advanced exercise book!

a). farthest / most

b). farther / most

c). further / more

d). furthest / more


5. They carried ____________ luggage by their new car, because there was ___________ space.

a). many more / a lot more

b). much more / a lot less

c). many more / a lot less

d). much more / a lot more


6. At the meeting with the new staff, there was ________ coffee for _________ people.

a). less / more

b). fewer / more

c). little / much

d). least / more


7. Mary is __________ than her parents, although her mother is almost ____________ her father.

a). more taller / as tall as

b). much taller / as taller as

c). much taller / as tall as

d). taller / as much tall as


8. The music at my neighbours was_______________, so I was_______________________.

a). more and more louder / more and more disturbed

b). louder and louder / more and more disturbed

c). louder and louder / less and less disturbed

d). more and more loud / more and more disturbed


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Test 6

Test 6

  1. On the phone, he told his new team he______________ forward ____________them all.

a). is looking / to seeing

b). looked / to see

c). was looking / to seeing

d). was looking / to see


  1. If she had studied Computer Science, she _______     ______ money every month this year.

a). would have earned / many more

b). would earn / many more

c). would have earned / much more

d). would earn / much more


  1. Next week we  ___________ the trainees and we already ____________ the practical test for everybody.

a). meet / have scheduled

b). are meeting / have scheduled

c). are meeting / scheduled

d). have met / have scheduled


  1. He likes to travel and he has seen places like ____ Philippines, ____ Caribbean, ____Loch Ness, ____ Alps or ___ Mount Everest.

a). – / – / – / – / –

b). the / the / – / the / –

c). the / the / the / the / the

d). the / the / the / the / –


  1. I’m a stressful person, _____ I?

a). aren’t

b). don’t

c). am


  1. Cu cat devine mai puternic, cu atat poate cara mai multe bagaje grele.

a).  The stronger he becomes, the heavier luggage he can carry.

b). He becomes stronger and he can carry more heavy luggage.

c). He becomes stronger and he can carry heavier luggage.

d). The stronger he becomes, the more heavy luggage he can carry.


  1. We have ________that they’ve made _________.

a). evidences / many progresses

b). evidences / much progress

c). evidence / much progress

d). evidence / many progresses


  1. Now he’s used _________more vegetables, although he used _________more meat a few years ago.

a). to eating / to eat

b). to eat / to eat

c). to eat / to eating

d). to eating / to eating


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SOME, ANY si derivati

Alege varianta potrivita:

SOME / ANY exercises


1. “Would you like ___ tea?”

“Yes, please, ____ lemon tea would be great!”

a). any / some

b). any / any

c). some / some

d). some / something


2. They couldn’t find _____ good books at the library and they decided to buy _____ .

a). anything / something

b). any / some

b). some / something

d). any / any


3. “Is there _____ we can do for him?” “Well, I’m afraid there is _____ we can do. He wants to solve _______ of the problems himself.”

a). anything / something / some

b). something / nothing / some

c). anything / anything / something

d). anything / nothing / some


4. Mary can’t find her keys ______. She remembers leaving them _______, but she doesn’t remember _______ after that.”

a). anywhere / somewhere / anything

b). somewhere / somewhere / nothing

c). anywhere / somewhere / something

d). somewhere / anywhere / anything


5. “Did you drink _______?” “I didn’t want to drink _____, although I was invited to have _____  juice, but you know I drink _______ but water.”

a). anything / anything / some / some

b). anything / anything / any / anything

c). something / anything / no / something

d). anything / anything / some / nothing


6. “There were hardly ______ people I knew at the party and I didn’t even manage to make _______ new friends. That was the reason why I hadn’t wanted to go _______ that night.”

a). some / some / nowhere

b). some / any / anywhere

c). any / any / anywhere

d). any / any / nowhere


7. ________ could have done better than you in this project and this is why the manager chose you to do it! So, don’t worry if _________ is envious of your success!”

a). Anybody / somebody

b). Nobody / anybody

c). Somebody / nobody

d). Nobody / somebody


8. He keeps telling us that ________  is impossible and we can do ________ we dream about.

a). something / something

b). nothing / anything

c). anything / something

d). anything / anything


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Used to/ GET used to / BE used to – exercitii

Alege varianta potrivita:


1. I ____________ a few books every month when I was in school, but now I don’t have so much time for that.

a). got used to reading

b). was used to reading

c). used to read

d). used to reading


2. He is alone in his office, so he ______________ a lot of people around him.

a). isn’t used to having

b). is used to having

c). didn’t use to have

d). doesn’t get used to having


3. She’s been a doctor for 3 years, but she doesn’t know if she ____________ during some nights.

a). can never get used to not sleeping

b). can ever get used to not sleeping

c). can never be used to not sleeping

d). can ever get used to sleeping


4. The twins like cabbage soup now, but they _________________like it when they were younger.

a). weren’t used to

b). didn’t get used to

c). didn’t used to

d). didn’t use to


5. Some of us find it really hard to _____________ the long winter evenings inside.

a). be used to spending

b). get used to spending

c). getting used to spending

d). being used to spending


6. Our project manager _______________ spoken to like that!

a). isn’t used to being

b). isn’t used to be

c). isn’t use to being

d). didn’t use to be


7. He’s just been hired, so this week he ________________earlier than before.

a). is using to wake up

b). is used to waking up

c). is getting used to waking up

d). gets used to waking up


8. What sport ______________ before you had that accident and you couldn’t go on?

a). you used to play

b). are you used to playing

c). did you use to playing

d). did you use to play


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Exercitii Verbe Modale

Alege varianta potrivita:

1. It _________our cat scratching the door all night since it was sleeping in our bedroom.

a). may not have been

b). can’t have been

c). can’t be

d). shouldn’t be

2. Why is she wasting her time? She ________ the project until now.

a). should finish

b). must finish

c). can have finished

d). should have finished

3. We __________ get a pay rise for December, but nobody is sure yet.

a). can

b). might

c). should

d). would

4. Daniel __________ English, but the school has already enrolled him in German classes.

a). would rather study

b). wouldn’t study

c). would rather not study

d). had better study

5. Manager: “You ______ be here at the meeting.”

Employee: “I _____ be there at the meeting.”

a). may/can

b). should / need

c). must / have to

d). have to / must

6. Humans are the only beings that _______ use their reasoning.

a). must

b). should

c). have to

d). can

7. Hurry up! Your boyfriend _____________ for you already!

a). must have been waiting

b). must wait

c). must have waited

d). must be waiting

8. Employees _____________ leave the office on any account.

a). must

b). must not

c). can

d). cannot

9. You _________ find some of the most colourful flowers in this public garden.

a). should

b). ought to

c). have to

d). may

10. Why are you playing on the computer? You ___________ your work by now!

a). must finish

b). have to finish

c). should have finished

d). ought have finished

11. You ________ work for the presentation tomorrow, we have plenty of time.

a). mustn’t

b). don’t need

c). can’t

d). don’t have to

12. If you don’t have the watch any more, you _________it.

a). can have lost

b). must have lost

c). must lost

d). could have lost


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Test 5

Test 5


  1. No item of clothing will be returned without a _________

a). receive

b). recipe

c). receipt

d). receipe


  1. The books _________ you saw on the desk are mine.

a). that

b). which

c). whom

d). who


  1. He’s going to make a cup of coffee after he ________ and he’ll call her when he __________it.

a). shaves / will finish

b). will shave / will finish

c). will shave / finishes

d). has shaved / finishes


  1. “Send me a message if you talk to her!”, Charlie asked his friend.
    Charlie asked his friend ___________________.

a). to send him a message if he talk to her

b). sending him a message if he talk to her

c). to send him a message if he talked to her

d). to sent him a message if he talked to her


  1. I ____________ to a party, so I ___________ Saturday night with you.

a). was invited / won’t be able to spend

b). have been invited / won’t be able to spend

c). was invited / can’t spend

d). have invited / can’t spend


  1. “Where is my phone?”, my grandpa asked.
    My grandpa wanted to know where ________________.

a). was his phone

b). his phone was

c). is my phone

d). was his phone


  1. He was talking to us as if he ___________ our boss.

a). was

b). were

c). has been

d). had been


  1. __________ the book before he ________ the film?

a). Had he read / watched

b). He had read / watched

c). Did he read / had watched

d). He read / had watched


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