Substantive nenumarabile

1. There _______ some money in the drawer, could you bring ________ to me, please?

a) are / them

b) is / it

c) are / it

d) is / them

2. I don’t remember if I have ________bread or if I need to buy _________.

a) a / one

b) any / a loaf of

c) any / a loaf

d) one / a loaf of

3. The engineer gave us so __________________ that I’m wondering where he knows _______ from.

a) much information / them

b) many informations / them

c) much information / it

d) many information / it

4. All our luggage ______ still in front of the door because we had just come back and we didn’t want to bring ______  inside because _______ dirty.

a) was / it / it was

b) were / them / they were

c) was / them / was

d) was / it / was

5. My daughter has _____________ and she’s waiting for me to give her ___________ on          .

a) a lot of homeworks / some advice / them

b) much homework / advices / it

c) much homework / advice / them

d) a lot of homework / some advice / it

6. All the news she’s bringing _____only what other people think and ________ true.

a) are / they aren’t

b) is / it isn’t

c) are / aren’t

d) is / isn’t

7. _________ people consider they don’t have _________ for themselves.

a) many time / times

b) much times / time

c) many times / time

d) much time / times

8. I’d like to eat ________________every day, but because it’s too much, I only eat ______________from the box that I have.

a) a bar of chocolate / three chocolates

b) a chocolate / three chocolates

c) a bar of chocolate / three bars of chocolate

d) a chocolate / three bars of chocolate

9.  The chef doesn’t allow long _________because he doesn’t want his clients to complain about _________ in their food.

a) hairs / hairs

b) hairs / hair

c) hair / hair

d) hair / hairs