Diateza pasiva – test grila

Alege varianta corecta:

1. The report that ________ by the team will be presented tomorrow.

A. has prepared

B. prepared

C. is preparing

D. has been prepared

2. A new mall _________ in the area where I live.

A. will design

B. is being designed

C. will be designing

D. is designing

3. The keys to the manager’s office ________ somewhere in the building. Someone wanted to make a bad joke.

A. are hide

B. hidden

C. have been hidden

D. had been hidden

4. After several months of better trading conditions, the annual bonus __________for the first time in four years.

A. should be paid

B. should pay

C. should have paid

D. should paid

5. The research paper ________ by the end of this semester.

A. will submit

B. is submitting

C. will be submitted

D. has submitted

6. The historical artifacts ________ for display at the museum tomorrow.

A. are preparing

B. were prepared

C. will prepare

D. are being prepared

7. By this time next year, a new highway ________ through this field.

A. will be constructing

B. will have been constructed

C. will have constructed

D. is constructing

8. When I arrived at the office yesterday, an unexpected meeting ________ in the conference room.

A. has held

B. had held

C. has been held

D. had been held

9. Her latest released novel ____________ by millions of fans in the book shops around the country.

A. is reading

B. was reading

C. was being read

D. has been reading

10. The article says that the old haunted mansion ______________into a luxury hotel in the next period.

A. would be convert

B. is going to be converted

C. is converting

D. is going to convert

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Propozitii Diateza Pasiva

Tradu in engleza urmatoarele propozitii:

  1. Se spune ca diateza pasiva nu conteaza.
  2. Se sustine, de asemenea, faptul ca ea nu e folosita deloc.
  3. Inainte ca Gutenberg sa inventeze tiparul, fusesera tiparite carti in Asia.
  4. Se vor produce mai multe masini electrice pana in 2050.
  5. S-au descoperit riscuri si beneficii ale inteligentei artificiale.
  6. Realitatea augmentata s-a folosit la un eveniment public in Londra in 2017.
  7. Se poate descoperi viata pe alte planete oricand.
  8. Luna asta se contruieste un spital nou.
  9. Productia de masa a masinilor cu emisie redusa era discutata in timp ce se aratau pe un ecran cheltuielile.

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Exercitii diateza pasiva


Pune verbele din paranteze la timpul potrivit:

1. A film ever (to make) based on this true story?

2. Half an hour ago, a cake (to bring) for everybody.

3. I think many of these sentences (to write) correctly.

4. A solution to the problem (to find) at the meeting, or at least this is their intention.

5. At least a rare animal often (to kill) by poachers.

6. All the files must (to finish) by tomorrow?

7. The breakfast (to eat) right now.

8. The documents (to hand in) before the board met.

9. All this work (not to finish) before the manager comes.

10. The toys for presents (to buy) at that time.

11. They promised that the Christmas tree (to decorate) in the center of the town.

12. All these actions can (to do) before the crisis?

13. Antibiotics should (not take into consideration) in case of a simple cold.


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Diateza pasiva

Transforma urmatoarele propozitii aflate la diateza activa in propozitii la diateza pasiva:

Ex.: The mechanic war repairing the car. => The car was being repaired by the mechanic.

  1. A dog has bitten him.
  2. They had broken the mirror a few days before.
  3. Somebody stole his gold watch.
  4. They usually assemble cars by using robots.
  5. His father damaged the TV yesterday.
  6. My mother is making a cake.
  7. My friend came when they were broadcasting the news.
  8. The authorities are building a new street these days.
  9. They must build a new street anyway.
  10. My brother has just installed a new programme for me.
  11. The party gave up the search; they couldn’t find the missing person.
  12. He was moving the furniture when I called him.
  13. I’ll mend my dress; I tore it.
  14. She is going to write the composition.
  15. He said people would move his car away.
  16. A specialist will be repairing his computer at this time tomorrow.
  17. She will have finished the cleaning of the room by then.
  18. We can offer them some free tickets.
  19. You should change your bed sheets!
  20. Our partner may send a letter of complaint.
  21. They told him about the competition.

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