Consideratii generale:


*  A fi; a exista, a se afla   =>  there (be)



There is => singular

There are => plural


There has been => singular

There have been => plural


There must be

There can be

There should be

There may be / there might be


There will be


  • Cu numere sau cantitati


There will be at least one hundred people, I’m sure.

There’s a dog in front of the house.

There are hundreds of stray dogs in towns.

There is one in the drawer.

There are ten kilos of potaoes in this bag.


  • Cu pronume sau adjective nehotarate


I think there’s somebody at the door.

There was nobody at the door.

There won’t be anything left.

There must be a few notebooks on my desk.

When I was at the circus, there were several animals in cages.

There can be a lot of animals in cages at the zoo.

(there must be)


There have been all sorts of things to buy.

There wasn’t anything interesting to read at the library.

(there was nothing interesting..)





  • Vreme


It’s cold.

It’s raining.

It was cloudy all day long.

It had snowed before we arrived.

It was getting hot when we arrived.


  • Grade


It’s ten degrees below zero.

It was hot. It was 30 degrees above zero.


  • Date si ore


It’s the 28th of October.

It’s half past six p.m.

It’s nearly ten o’clock.


  • Exprimarea opiniei (implica un adjectiv)


It’s so nice to meet you J

It’s been a long way from there. (it has been…)

It was absolutely awful!

It will be great to go on holiday in Greece.

It must be hard work to take care of the children.


  • Cum vorbim despre oameni cu “it”


a). Cand nu-i vedem:


(The bell is ringing…) “Who is it?”

(on the phone…) “Hello, who is it?”

“Hello, it’s me.” / “Hello, it’s Maddie.”


b). Cand ii aratam:


“Who’s that woman?” “I think it’s Mary’s cousin, Jenny.”



Tradu urmatoarele propozitii folosind ce ai invatat:


  1. – Buna, sunt Jerry… te sun din biroul domului Johnson.

2. Ar trebui sa plecam, e tarziu, e ora doua.

3. E ceva ce pot face pentru tine?

4. Era o gramada de zapada la munte.

5. E un tip care vrea sa vorbeasca cu tine.

6. A fost asa de amuzant cand a cazut toata zapada din pom peste noi.

7. Ar trebui sa fie cineva la standul de carti.

8. Au fost cel putin 10.000 de studenti.

9.E relaxant sa vezi animalele jucandu-se.


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  1. La intrebari nu esti totdeauna obligat sa ai ceva subiect adaugat, daca cuvantul interogativ ocupa aceasta functie, doarece stim ca exista intrebari la subiect.

    • Cuvantul interogativ (expresia interogativa) este subiectul intrebarii in acest caz. Am facut o explicatie pe tema asta. In engleza subiectul este absolut obligatoriu, nu se subintelege si nu e inclus.


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