Subjonctivul in engleza

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  • IT + TO BE + ADJECTIV => ceva este necesar / important / de dorit
  • adjectiv: important / essential / vital / imperative / desirable / best

It is important that he study more.

It is best that she be there.

It is essential that she not be with you.


  • S + suggest/recommend/insist/demand that

I suggested that she continue with her studies abroad.

He recommends that the patient stay in bed the whole week.

They insisted he stop smoking.


  • Expresii fixe:

God bless you.

Long live the King!

If you still want to leave, so be it


  • Were  => forma de subjonctiv

I wish I were at the seaside now.

If only he were here.

I’d rather he were here.

She’s speaking as if she were the most important person here.

It’s time he were already here.

If I were you, I’d go there.