Test grila Present Simple _ Present Continuous

a) seems / looks

b) seem / is looking

c) seems / is looking

2.I ____ (believe) in hard work, but right now I ____ (not/think) this plan will work.

a) believe / am not believing

b) believe / do not think

c) believe / do not believe

3.She ____ (own) a car, but today she ____ (use) public transport.

a) owns / is using

b) own / uses

c) owns / uses

4.Normally, they ____ (know) the answer, but this time they ____ (struggle).

a) know / are struggling

b) knows / struggling

c) know / struggle

5.He ____ (think) about changing his job, but he still ____ (love) his current work.

a) is thinking / love

b) thinks / is loving

c) is thinking / loves

6.We ____ (have) a great team, but currently, we ____ (have) some issues to resolve.

a) are having / are having 

b) have / have

c) have / are having

7.The coffee ____ (smell) great, but I ____ (prefer) tea in the morning.

a) is smelling / prefer  

b) smells / prefer

c) smells / am preferring

8.“The cake ____ (taste) delicious!” “Let’s see… I (taste) it now.”

a) tastes / am tasting

b) is tasting / am tasting

c) tastes / taste

9.This book ____ (contain) all the information you need, and it ____ (belong) to the library.

a) contain / belong

b) is containing / is belonging

c) contains / belongs

10.I ____ (remember) her name now, but I usually ____ (forget) easily.

a) am remembering / forget

b) remember / forget

c) remembers / forget

11.My friend ____ (have) a cat, but this week she ____ (look after) her neighbor’s dog.

a) have / is looking

b) has / is looking after

c) has / looks after


Alege varianta corecta:

1. She ______ (to travel) to France tomorrow because she  ______ (to attend) a business meeting.

a) is going to travel / is attending

b) will travel / will attend

c) is travelling / is attending

d) is travelling / is going to attend

2. “What time you __________(to finish) the project on Saturday?” “I _____________(to do)  anything, I want to relax.

a) are you going to finish / am not going to do

b) you will finish / am not doing

c) are you going to finish / am doing

d) are you finishing / don’t do

3. I think he ________ (to sell) his car and he _________ (to buy) another one.

a) is selling / is buying

b) will sell / is buying

c) will sell / will buy

d) is going to sell / will buy

4. “I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake! I __________ (to do) it again!” “Oh, yes, you __________”.

a) won’t do / will

b) am not going to do / are doing it

c) am going to do / will

d) will do / will

5. They ______ (to organize) a charity event next month because they ______ (to raise) funds for the school in the upcoming period.

a) will organize / raise

b) are organizing / are raising

c) are going to organize / are raising

d) organize / are going to raise

6. “I can hear distant thunder! I think a storm _________ (to come)!” “Considering the sky, it ___________ (to rain) a lot.”

a) will come / will rain

b) is going to come / is raining

c) is coming / will rain

d)  is going to come / is going to rain

7. “It’s really hot!” “Indeed! I __________ (to open) the window.” “No, we ___________ (to turn on) the air conditioning.”

a) am going to open / are going to turn on

b) will open / will turn on

c) am going to open / are turning on

d) will open / are going to turn on

8. “Look at those cars! They ____________ (to crash)!” “Don’t worry, nobody _________ (to be hurt) at such a low speed.”

a) will crash / will be hurt

b) will crash / is hurt

c) are going to crash / is going to be hurt

d) are going to crash / hurts


1. It’s better to ask for help _____ to struggle for hours. If you finish your homework,  _____ call me and we can go to the park.

A) than, then

B) then, than

2. She wanted to _____ her hair purple, but she was afraid it might look like she would _____ soon.

A) die, dye

B) dye, die

3. There was a big _____ in the ground after the earthquake and the ______ village was there to see it.

A) hole, whole

B) whole, hole

4. He wants me to write an essay about _________ with him, but I don’t want to do it because everyone has their own ________ when it comes to writing.

A) peace, pace

B) pace, peace

5. He _____ the History exam with flying colors, while others had trouble remembering _____ events.

A) passed, past

B) past, passed

6. The _____ announced new policies today, which will have a _____ impact on the city’s development.

A) mayor, major

B) major, mayor

7. I’m considering buying a more ________ car to save money on fuel, especially with the current _________ uncertainty.

A) economic, economical

B) economical, economic

8. After buying the ingredients, she threw away the _________ and she started to look for the ________in her agenda.

A) recipe, receipt

B) receipt, recipe

9. Can you _____ me the book for a day? I forgot mine at home and I don’t want to _____ one from the library.

A) lend, borrow

B) borrow, lend


1. She is ___ doctor who works at ___ hospital in our city and she also teaches at ______university.

a) a / the / a

b) – / a / an

c) a / an / an

d) a / the / an

2. She is ___ honest person and she takes responsibility for ______ consequences of her actions.

a) a / the

b) – / the

c) an / the

d) an / –

3. He reads ___ book every night before going to ___ bed.

a) the / the

b) a / –

c) a / the

d) – / –

4. _____ students don’t usually pay too much attention, but ______ students in this class listen carefully when ____ teacher explains.

a) the / the / the

b) – / the / the

c) – / the / –

d) the / – / the

5. She is studying to become ___ engineer. After ___ long day of classes, she likes to relax by reading ___ book or watching ___ TV.

a) – / a / a / –

b) an / the / a / the

c) an / a / a / –

d) – / the / the / –

6. ___ city I visited last summer was amazing. ___ people were friendly, and I enjoyed visiting ___ museums and ___ parks.

a) The / – / – / –

b) The / The / – / –

c) The / The / the / –

d) The / The / the / the

7.  _____ inflation has been discussed for _____ fourth time in _____ row.

a) – / the / a

b) The / the / the

c) – / the / the

d) The / the / a

8. Are you interested in ______ art or ______ architecture at ________ university?

a) the / – / the

b) – / – / –

c) – / – / the

d) the / the / a

9. He doesn’t go to ______ church on Sundays, but he went to ______ church in _____ centre of Brasov to visit it.

a) the / the / the

b) – / – / the

c) – / the / the

d) -/ – / –

Adjective sau Adverbe

1. Even though he is well-built, he can _______ carry that bag.

a). hardly

b). hard

c). harder

d) hardest

2. I hate those ________ meetings, I always arrive home __________.

a) late / lately

b) lately / late

c) late / late

d) lately/ lately

3. My mother’s _________ baked cakes always taste _________.

b) fresh / deliciously

c) freshly / delicious

d) freshly / deliciously

4. He sleeps __________; he’s ___________ tired.

a) less and less / extremely

b) little and little / extremely

c) less and less / extreme

d) more and more little / extremely

5. They spoke to their employees__________ because they weren’t working _________.

a) more angry / well

b) more angrily / well

c) angrier / well

d) angrily / good

6. I’m trying to write this exercise ________, so that I can go out _________.

a) fastly / fastly

b) fastly / fast

c) fast / fast

d) fast / fastly

7. I ________ advise you not to eat that food because it smells _________.

a) strong / horribly

b) strongly / horribly

c) strong / horrible

d) strongly / horrible

8. The wind was blowing _______ while she was walking and thinking about getting a ______ specialized position so that she could buy a car.

a) hardly / highly

b) hardly / high

c) hard / high

d) hard / highly

Test grila 9

1. For any _________ information, don’t hesitate to call me.

a). much

b). further

c). farther

2. That’s the author _______ book has just been awarded.

a) whose

b) which

c) who’s

3. Each of us _______ a favourite activity we like to spend time with.

a) have

b) has

c) is having

4. Would _________ like a cup of tea?

a) anyone

b) anybody

c) someone

5. His wife is working very hard. She ___________ in the kitchen for hours to prepare the food for his birthday.

a) has worked

b) ‘s been working

c) is working

6. They __________ to Cluj, but they are home now.

a) have been

b) have gone

c) are gone

7. How many invitations _______________ so far?

a) did she sent

b) did she send

c)  has she sent

8. The teacher asked the students what _________

a) was their names

b) were their names

c) their names were