HAVE diverse forme

1. He ______________ many friends when he lived at his grandparents.

a). hadn’t got

b). hasn’t got

c). didn’t have

2. Jenny has been talking on the phone for half an hour, ____________?

a). hasn’t she?

b). didn’t she?

c). wasn’t she?

3. ___________ to work with their team?

a). Has she

b). Does she have

c). Does she has

4. They ____________two children, only one.

a). haven’t got

b). haven’t

c). have

5. I’m sorry, the manager can’t see you now, he ________________ dinner with a supplier.

a). ‘ve having

b). ‘s having

c). having

6. How long ________________ the same car?

a). have they

b). have they been having

c). have they had

7. They ______________ some guests last night, that’s why they said they couldn’t be disturbed.

a). may have had

b). may had

c). may have

8. She ________ her hair cut at the hairstylist last Friday.

a). ‘s

b). has

c). had

9. Before going out, he _________ had breakfast.

a). had to

b). has

c). had

10. You ______ better leave now or you’ll be late!

a). had

b). have

c). have to

Neither – Either – Both

Completeaza cu EITHER, NEITHER sau BOTH:

1.Mary and John are vegetarians. Maria likes vegetables and John doesn’t eat meat ____________.

2. Lisa and Tom don’t like horror movies. They enjoy romantic comedies. Lisa doesn’t like horror movies, and ____________ does Tom.

3. ____________ my parents enjoys hiking. They completely dislike it.

4. You haven’t gone anywhere, so you can choose __________ Paris _______ Rome for this holiday.

5. ________ you can do that, you don’t need a third person.

6. Sarah and Peter come from Spain. Sarah can’t speak French, and ____________ can Peter.

7. .Jack and Jill can play the guitar. _________ Jack _________Jill can play the guitar.

8. I can swim, and I can ski. I enjoy outdoor activities and I like ____________ swimming or skiing.

9. They don’t like tea or coffee. ____________ them drinks hot beverages.

10. The museum is not open on Mondays and Tuesdays. The museum is closed ____________ on Mondays ____________ on Tuesdays.

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Diateza pasiva – test grila

Alege varianta corecta:

1. The report that ________ by the team will be presented tomorrow.

A. has prepared

B. prepared

C. is preparing

D. has been prepared

2. A new mall _________ in the area where I live.

A. will design

B. is being designed

C. will be designing

D. is designing

3. The keys to the manager’s office ________ somewhere in the building. Someone wanted to make a bad joke.

A. are hide

B. hidden

C. have been hidden

D. had been hidden

4. After several months of better trading conditions, the annual bonus __________for the first time in four years.

A. should be paid

B. should pay

C. should have paid

D. should paid

5. The research paper ________ by the end of this semester.

A. will submit

B. is submitting

C. will be submitted

D. has submitted

6. The historical artifacts ________ for display at the museum tomorrow.

A. are preparing

B. were prepared

C. will prepare

D. are being prepared

7. By this time next year, a new highway ________ through this field.

A. will be constructing

B. will have been constructed

C. will have constructed

D. is constructing

8. When I arrived at the office yesterday, an unexpected meeting ________ in the conference room.

A. has held

B. had held

C. has been held

D. had been held

9. Her latest released novel ____________ by millions of fans in the book shops around the country.

A. is reading

B. was reading

C. was being read

D. has been reading

10. The article says that the old haunted mansion ______________into a luxury hotel in the next period.

A. would be convert

B. is going to be converted

C. is converting

D. is going to convert

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Test grila – intrebari

Alege varianta corecta:

1. Who_________ at the party on Saturday night?

a). they see

b). saw them

c). did they saw

2. Can you tell me when __________ scheduled?

a). is the meeting

b). does the meeting be

c). the meeting is

3. _____________ any flowers in your garden?

a). Are there

b). Are they

c). Is there

4. What __________________ there?

a). facilities does she have

b). does she have facilities

c). facilities does she has

5. Has he left or _________________ icecream in the park?

a). he still sells

b). does he still sells

c). does he still sell

6. What _____________ when you got there?

a). did you must do

b). must you do

c). did you have to do

7. How _______________________to throw away?

a). garbage are you going

b). much garbage are you going

c). much garbage you are going

8. Whose ________________ saved?

a). cat has the vet

b). cat the vet

c). has the vet cat

9. What kind of car ________________ before this one?

a). had your friend

b). had your friend had

c). did your friend

10. How ___________________ of a nice house?

a). have you dreaming

b). long have you been dreaming

c). have you been dreaming long

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Phrasal verbs – test grila

Alege varianta potrivita:

1. “It’s cold in the room. Please __________ the heating!”

“But I’ve just __________!”

a). turn on / turned it off

b). turn off / turned it on

c). turn up / turned it down

d). turn down / turned it up

2. The music is too loud; it’s disturbing the neighbours. Could you please __________ the volume? You can _________ up again tomorrow morning.

a). turn on / turn it off

b). turn off / turn it on

c). turn up / turn it down

d). turn down / turn it up

3. The bus is about to leave. Hurry up and __________ before it’s too late. Don’t forget to __________ at the next stop.

a). get in / get out of

b). get out of / get on

c). get on / get off

d). get off / get on

4. The airplane has landed at the airport. Passengers are requested to remain seated until the aircraft comes to a complete stop and the seatbelt sign is __________. Once the sign is off, you can ______ the plane.

a). turned off / get off

b). turned on / get out of

c). got off / get out of

d). got on / get off

5. Emily can’t find her keys anywhere. She’s been __________ them all morning and she still can’t believe she hasn’t __________ them.

a). looking after / taken off

b). looking for / taken care of

c). looking for / taken on

d). looking after / taken care of

6. As the new CEO, your responsibility is to __________ the company’s operations and __________ the business.

a). takeover / look after

b). look after / take over

c). take over / look after

d). take off / look for

7. The kids want to go to the park. Let’s _________our tracksuits and __________ the car!

a). put out / get into

b). put on / get on

c). take off / get on

d). put on / get in

8. The two neighbours finally managed to __________ their arguments and now they ____________ with each other quite well.

a). get over / get along

b). get down / get on

c). get along / get over

d). get down to / get along

9. The weather forecast predicted rain, so I decided to ________ my plans for a picnic and _________ the situation.

a). put on / put up

b). put off / put on

c). put on / put off

d). put off / put up with

10. Sarah wants to __________ a new hobby. She’s __________ some ideas online.

a). take up / looking for

b). take up / looks for

c). take over / looking after

d). take on / looks after

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Adjective sau adverbe

Alege varianta potrivita:

1. The orchestra played __________ last night than they did at the previous concert.

a). more beautiful

b). beautifully

c). more beautifully

d). beautiful

2. She speaks French ___________.

a). fluently

b). fluent

c). fluency

d). fluenter

3. The ___________ movie kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

a). thrilled

b). thrilling

c). thrills

d). thrillingly

4. He solved the problem ___________ than anyone else in the class.

a). quicker

b). more quick

c). more quickly

d). quickest

5. The ___________ child couldn’t stop laughing at the clown’s gestures.

a). amused

b). amuse

c). amusing

d). amusedly

6. The ___________ story kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

a) fascinated

b) fascinate

c) fascinating

d) fascinatingly

7. He was ___________ by the unexpected turn of events.

a) surprisedly

b) surprised

c) surprising

d) surprise

8. Her ___________ voice captivated the entire audience.

a) enchanting

b) enchant

c) enchanted

d) enchantingly

9.The hikers climbed the mountain ___________ than expected.

a) more slowly

b) slower

c) slowest

d) slow

10. The ___________ view from the mountaintop was breathtaking.

a). amazed

b). amazing

c). amazement

d). amazingly

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