Pronume Test Grila

1. Why are you giving ______ the flowers? Give ____ to _____!

a) his / it / her

b) him / it / her

c) him / them / her

2. It’s ____ new bike and he doesn’t want to give _____ to _____.

a) his / it / them

b) him / it / they

c) his / its / their

3. These books are for _____, not for _____.

a) we / mine

b) us / my

c) us / me

4. ______ hair is longer than ______.

a) hers / mine

b) her / mine

c) her / my

5. “Which pen is _____?” “This one is _____, the other one is _____.”

a) your / my / his

b) yours / mine / his

c) yours / mine / him

6. _____ Jeep is expensive and ______ colour is black.

a) Their / its

b) Their / it’s

c) Theirs / its

7. He always goes to work with ____ and _____.

a) we / they

b) us / they

c) us / them

8. Don’t give _____ the project, give _____ to ______!

a) his / its / their

b) him / it / them

c)  him / it / they

Test grila – intrebari

Alege varianta corecta:

1. Who_________ at the party on Saturday night?

a). they see

b). saw them

c). did they saw

2. Can you tell me when __________ scheduled?

a). is the meeting

b). does the meeting be

c). the meeting is

3. _____________ any flowers in your garden?

a). Are there

b). Are they

c). Is there

4. What __________________ there?

a). facilities does she have

b). does she have facilities

c). facilities does she has

5. Has he left or _________________ icecream in the park?

a). he still sells

b). does he still sells

c). does he still sell

6. What _____________ when you got there?

a). did you must do

b). must you do

c). did you have to do

7. How _______________________to throw away?

a). garbage are you going

b). much garbage are you going

c). much garbage you are going

8. Whose ________________ saved?

a). cat has the vet

b). cat the vet

c). has the vet cat

9. What kind of car ________________ before this one?

a). had your friend

b). had your friend had

c). did your friend

10. How ___________________ of a nice house?

a). have you dreaming

b). long have you been dreaming

c). have you been dreaming long

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