Alege varianta corecta:

1. She ______ (to travel) to France tomorrow because she  ______ (to attend) a business meeting.

a) is going to travel / is attending

b) will travel / will attend

c) is travelling / is attending

d) is travelling / is going to attend

2. “What time you __________(to finish) the project on Saturday?” “I _____________(to do)  anything, I want to relax.

a) are you going to finish / am not going to do

b) you will finish / am not doing

c) are you going to finish / am doing

d) are you finishing / don’t do

3. I think he ________ (to sell) his car and he _________ (to buy) another one.

a) is selling / is buying

b) will sell / is buying

c) will sell / will buy

d) is going to sell / will buy

4. “I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake! I __________ (to do) it again!” “Oh, yes, you __________”.

a) won’t do / will

b) am not going to do / are doing it

c) am going to do / will

d) will do / will

5. They ______ (to organize) a charity event next month because they ______ (to raise) funds for the school in the upcoming period.

a) will organize / raise

b) are organizing / are raising

c) are going to organize / are raising

d) organize / are going to raise

6. “I can hear distant thunder! I think a storm _________ (to come)!” “Considering the sky, it ___________ (to rain) a lot.”

a) will come / will rain

b) is going to come / is raining

c) is coming / will rain

d)  is going to come / is going to rain

7. “It’s really hot!” “Indeed! I __________ (to open) the window.” “No, we ___________ (to turn on) the air conditioning.”

a) am going to open / are going to turn on

b) will open / will turn on

c) am going to open / are turning on

d) will open / are going to turn on

8. “Look at those cars! They ____________ (to crash)!” “Don’t worry, nobody _________ (to be hurt) at such a low speed.”

a) will crash / will be hurt

b) will crash / is hurt

c) are going to crash / is going to be hurt

d) are going to crash / hurts