Adjective sau Adverbe

1. Even though he is well-built, he can _______ carry that bag.

a). hardly

b). hard

c). harder

d) hardest

2. I hate those ________ meetings, I always arrive home __________.

a) late / lately

b) lately / late

c) late / late

d) lately/ lately

3. My mother’s _________ baked cakes always taste _________.

b) fresh / deliciously

c) freshly / delicious

d) freshly / deliciously

4. He sleeps __________; he’s ___________ tired.

a) less and less / extremely

b) little and little / extremely

c) less and less / extreme

d) more and more little / extremely

5. They spoke to their employees__________ because they weren’t working _________.

a) more angry / well

b) more angrily / well

c) angrier / well

d) angrily / good

6. I’m trying to write this exercise ________, so that I can go out _________.

a) fastly / fastly

b) fastly / fast

c) fast / fast

d) fast / fastly

7. I ________ advise you not to eat that food because it smells _________.

a) strong / horribly

b) strongly / horribly

c) strong / horrible

d) strongly / horrible

8. The wind was blowing _______ while she was walking and thinking about getting a ______ specialized position so that she could buy a car.

a) hardly / highly

b) hardly / high

c) hard / high

d) hard / highly

Adjective sau adverbe

Alege varianta potrivita:

1. The orchestra played __________ last night than they did at the previous concert.

a). more beautiful

b). beautifully

c). more beautifully

d). beautiful

2. She speaks French ___________.

a). fluently

b). fluent

c). fluency

d). fluenter

3. The ___________ movie kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

a). thrilled

b). thrilling

c). thrills

d). thrillingly

4. He solved the problem ___________ than anyone else in the class.

a). quicker

b). more quick

c). more quickly

d). quickest

5. The ___________ child couldn’t stop laughing at the clown’s gestures.

a). amused

b). amuse

c). amusing

d). amusedly

6. The ___________ story kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

a) fascinated

b) fascinate

c) fascinating

d) fascinatingly

7. He was ___________ by the unexpected turn of events.

a) surprisedly

b) surprised

c) surprising

d) surprise

8. Her ___________ voice captivated the entire audience.

a) enchanting

b) enchant

c) enchanted

d) enchantingly

9.The hikers climbed the mountain ___________ than expected.

a) more slowly

b) slower

c) slowest

d) slow

10. The ___________ view from the mountaintop was breathtaking.

a). amazed

b). amazing

c). amazement

d). amazingly

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