Some, any etc.

  1. I can’t find my keys _________!
  2. He said he had _______special prepared for my birthday.
  3. He didn’t invite __________to the party, only his family members.
  4. ________can join the book club; there are no restrictions on membership.
  5. The king felt generous and he told the witch to take _________she wanted from the palace.
  6. Would you like _________to eat?
  7. Is there ___________specific you’d like to discuss in today’s meeting?
  8. They don’t care about money; they are so rich they can go __________.
  9. Let’s meet ___________quiet where we can talk without interruptions.
  10. He didn’t have ___________in the fridge, he needed to buy ___________.
  11. Is there a supermarket __________in this area?
  12. He saw _________across the street.
  13. They decided not to go ___________on holiday that year.
  14. Has __________seen my phone? I can’t locate it _________. 

SOME, ANY si derivati

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SOME / ANY exercises


1. “Would you like ___ tea?”

“Yes, please, ____ lemon tea would be great!”

a). any / some

b). any / any

c). some / some

d). some / something


2. They couldn’t find _____ good books at the library and they decided to buy _____ .

a). anything / something

b). any / some

b). some / something

d). any / any


3. “Is there _____ we can do for him?” “Well, I’m afraid there is _____ we can do. He wants to solve _______ of the problems himself.”

a). anything / something / some

b). something / nothing / some

c). anything / anything / something

d). anything / nothing / some


4. Mary can’t find her keys ______. She remembers leaving them _______, but she doesn’t remember _______ after that.”

a). anywhere / somewhere / anything

b). somewhere / somewhere / nothing

c). anywhere / somewhere / something

d). somewhere / anywhere / anything


5. “Did you drink _______?” “I didn’t want to drink _____, although I was invited to have _____  juice, but you know I drink _______ but water.”

a). anything / anything / some / some

b). anything / anything / any / anything

c). something / anything / no / something

d). anything / anything / some / nothing


6. “There were hardly ______ people I knew at the party and I didn’t even manage to make _______ new friends. That was the reason why I hadn’t wanted to go _______ that night.”

a). some / some / nowhere

b). some / any / anywhere

c). any / any / anywhere

d). any / any / nowhere


7. ________ could have done better than you in this project and this is why the manager chose you to do it! So, don’t worry if _________ is envious of your success!”

a). Anybody / somebody

b). Nobody / anybody

c). Somebody / nobody

d). Nobody / somebody


8. He keeps telling us that ________  is impossible and we can do ________ we dream about.

a). something / something

b). nothing / anything

c). anything / something

d). anything / anything


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