Substantive nenumarabile

1. There _______ some money in the drawer, could you bring ________ to me, please?

a) are / them

b) is / it

c) are / it

d) is / them

2. I don’t remember if I have ________bread or if I need to buy _________.

a) a / one

b) any / a loaf of

c) any / a loaf

d) one / a loaf of

3. The engineer gave us so __________________ that I’m wondering where he knows _______ from.

a) much information / them

b) many informations / them

c) much information / it

d) many information / it

4. All our luggage ______ still in front of the door because we had just come back and we didn’t want to bring ______  inside because _______ dirty.

a) was / it / it was

b) were / them / they were

c) was / them / was

d) was / it / was

5. My daughter has _____________ and she’s waiting for me to give her ___________ on          .

a) a lot of homeworks / some advice / them

b) much homework / advices / it

c) much homework / advice / them

d) a lot of homework / some advice / it

6. All the news she’s bringing _____only what other people think and ________ true.

a) are / they aren’t

b) is / it isn’t

c) are / aren’t

d) is / isn’t

7. _________ people consider they don’t have _________ for themselves.

a) many time / times

b) much times / time

c) many times / time

d) much time / times

8. I’d like to eat ________________every day, but because it’s too much, I only eat ______________from the box that I have.

a) a bar of chocolate / three chocolates

b) a chocolate / three chocolates

c) a bar of chocolate / three bars of chocolate

d) a chocolate / three bars of chocolate

9.  The chef doesn’t allow long _________because he doesn’t want his clients to complain about _________ in their food.

a) hairs / hairs

b) hairs / hair

c) hair / hair

d) hair / hairs

Substantive nenumarabile in engleza

Tradu in limba engleza:


1. Au cheltuit multi bani cand s-au dus in vacanta peste hotare. Nu si-au putut crede ochilor cand i-au numarat.

2. Intotdeauna imi da cele mai bune sfaturi. Ele se refera la toate aspectele afacerii mele.

3. Sunt foarte rari oamenii cu multe cunostinte.

4. “Ti-ai facut temele pentru azi?” “Desigur, dar n-am avut multe.”

5. “Cate dovezi are politia?” “Au doar una.”

6. Nu pot sa cred ca ai mancat toate cele trei ciocolate!

7. Deja cumparase toate echipamentele inainte sa declare faliment.

8. De cand fiica mea a inceput scoala, a facut multe progrese.

9. E imposibil sa gasim un taxi cu cele 50 de bagaje ale noastre.

10. Ati putea sa-mi dati doua informatii, va rog?


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