Exercitii diateza pasiva


Pune verbele din paranteze la timpul potrivit:

1. A film ever (to make) based on this true story?

2. Half an hour ago, a cake (to bring) for everybody.

3. I think many of these sentences (to write) correctly.

4. A solution to the problem (to find) at the meeting, or at least this is their intention.

5. At least a rare animal often (to kill) by poachers.

6. All the files must (to finish) by tomorrow?

7. The breakfast (to eat) right now.

8. The documents (to hand in) before the board met.

9. All this work (not to finish) before the manager comes.

10. The toys for presents (to buy) at that time.

11. They promised that the Christmas tree (to decorate) in the center of the town.

12. All these actions can (to do) before the crisis?

13. Antibiotics should (not take into consideration) in case of a simple cold.


Vezi rezolvarea in videoclip:


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