Pluralul substantivelor – test grila

Alege varianta corecta:

1. How ________ do you need?

a). many breads

b). much loaves of bread

c). many loaf of bread

d). much bread

2. She doesn’t have any money because ____________ all in the other bag she left at home.

a). it is

b). they are

c). there is

d). there are

3. He can’t carry all ______________ by himself.

a). these luggages

b). this pieces of luggage

c). this luggage

d). these piece of luggage

4. Police ______ found two ____________ about the suspect.

a). have / pieces of information

b). has / pieces of information

c). has / informations

d). have / information

5. Her parents are so proud she has made ______________.

a). so many progresses

b). so much pieces of progress

c). so many pieces of progress

d). so much progress

6. He’s saved many people’s __________ by persuading them not to jump off the _________.

a). lives / clives

b). lifes / cliffs

c). lives / cliffs

d). lifes / clives

7. In the _________they could see people eating huge _____________.

a). photos / tomatos

b). photos / tomatoes

c). photoes / tomatoes

d). photoes / tomatos

8. Your parents can give you __________

a). many advice

b). much advice

c). many advices

d). much pieces of advice

9. Her mother asked her to buy two __________ for her younger cousin, but she told her she had a lot of ___________ and she didn’t have time for that.

a). bars of chocolate / homework

b). chocolate / homeworks

c). chocolates / homework

d). bars of chocolate / homeworks

10. Physics ______ a tough science for such young ___________.

a). are / children

b). is / child

c). is / children

d). are / child

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