Used to/ GET used to / BE used to – exercitii

Alege varianta potrivita:


1. I ____________ a few books every month when I was in school, but now I don’t have so much time for that.

a). got used to reading

b). was used to reading

c). used to read

d). used to reading


2. He is alone in his office, so he ______________ a lot of people around him.

a). isn’t used to having

b). is used to having

c). didn’t use to have

d). doesn’t get used to having


3. She’s been a doctor for 3 years, but she doesn’t know if she ____________ during some nights.

a). can never get used to not sleeping

b). can ever get used to not sleeping

c). can never be used to not sleeping

d). can ever get used to sleeping


4. The twins like cabbage soup now, but they _________________like it when they were younger.

a). weren’t used to

b). didn’t get used to

c). didn’t used to

d). didn’t use to


5. Some of us find it really hard to _____________ the long winter evenings inside.

a). be used to spending

b). get used to spending

c). getting used to spending

d). being used to spending


6. Our project manager _______________ spoken to like that!

a). isn’t used to being

b). isn’t used to be

c). isn’t use to being

d). didn’t use to be


7. He’s just been hired, so this week he ________________earlier than before.

a). is using to wake up

b). is used to waking up

c). is getting used to waking up

d). gets used to waking up


8. What sport ______________ before you had that accident and you couldn’t go on?

a). you used to play

b). are you used to playing

c). did you use to playing

d). did you use to play


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6 thoughts on “Used to/ GET used to / BE used to – exercitii”

    • Super, Liliana, foarte bine! Cu o singura exceptie si vad ca asta a cam dat de furca 🙂

      2 – hai sa traducem: “e singur in birou, deci nu se obisnuieste sa aiba multi oameni in jurul lui”. Parca e mai logic sa spunem “nu este obisnuit sa aiba multi oameni in jurul lui“.


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