Past Simple – Past Continuous – exercitii

1. “What you (do) when I (call) you yesterday?”

2. “I (be) very busy… I (dust) the furniture.”

3. “Why you (dust) it?”

4. “Because I (have to)…”

5. “You also (clean) the house?”

6. “Of course… But it (not be) so bad because while I (clean), I (listen) to music.”

7. “Really? I (not think) about that! I’ll do that, too.”

8. “The only problem (be) when I (use) the vacuum cleaner, because  I (cannot) hear very well… I have a very noisy vacuum cleaner.”

9. “Now I understand why you (not answer) when I (phone) you.”

10.” Well…that, or… music  itself… I guess I (listen)  to really loud music…. Sorry…”


Vezi rezolvarea si explicatia propozitiilor in videoclipul urmator:




2 thoughts on “Past Simple – Past Continuous – exercitii”

  1. 1. What were you doing when I called you yestarday ?
    2. I was very busy . I was dusting the furniture .
    3. Why were you dusting it ?
    4. Because I had to ..
    5. Did you also clean the house ?
    6. Of course… But it not was so bad because while I was clening , I was listening to music .
    7. Really ? I didn’t think about that ! I’ll do that , too .
    8. The only problem was when I used the vacuum cleaner, because I couldn’t hear very well… I have a very noisy vacuum cleaner.
    9. “Now I understand why you didn’t answer when I phoned you.
    10. Well…that, or… music itself… I guess I listened to really loud music…. Sorry…


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