Present Perfect Simple & Continuous/ Past Simple

  1. It (rain) a lot this spring.
  2. It (rain) yesterday and last week, too.
  3. The weather (be) very bad so far.
  4. In fact it’s raining this moment. It (rain) for half an hour.
  5. It seems we (not see) a sunny day for ages.
  6. I (be) happy when I (see) a few sunrays two days ago.
  7. But my happiness (be) short lived because it immediately (start) raining.
  8. I (be) very bored and tired lately because of the weather.
  9. My friends (call) me for a few days in order to go to a club.
  10. My mother also (tell) me for a while to go out.

Present Perfect Simple&Continuous/ Past Simple

  1. I (know) him for a long time.
  2. In fact, I (know) him since we (come) to the same school.
  3. I (meet) him in the first school day.
  4. We (talk) to each other for many years.
  5. I even (talk) to him an hour ago.
  6. He (call) to invite me to tea.
  7. We often (have) tea together.
  8. He (invite) people to tea for a few months.
  9. His parents (ask) him to do so when they (come back) from their holiday.
  10. I always (appreciate) his parents.

Must/ Have to

Must/ Have to


1. Oh, I like this magazine! I must read it.

2. I’m sorry, I can’t stay any longer. I have to write a report for tomorrow.

Intre cele doua situatii exista o diferenta foarte mica. Ambele exprima obligatia, insa “must” este o obligatie venita de la cel care vorbeste, iar “have to” este o obligatie venita din exterior.

  1. O, imi place revista aceasta! Trebuie s-o citesc.
  2. Imi pare rau, nu mai pot sta. Trebuie sa scriu un raport pentru maine.

Astfel, vorbitorul din primul exemplu abia asteapta sa citeasca o revista care-i place => trebuie s-o citeasca pentru ca el doreste asta.

Vorbitorul din al doilea exemplu este obligat de sef sau de altcineva sa scrie un raport; nu e un lucru pe care si-l doreste neaparat.


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Past Perfect Simple & Continuous/ Past Simple

  1. When I (phone) him, he already (buy) the tickets for the show.
  2. By the time Maddie (notice), her two little children (paint) the cat.
  3. She hardly (close) her bag when her mobile phone (ring) again.
  4. No sooner the doctor (leave) than the old lady (call) him again.
  5. Her grandfather (work) in the army for forty years before he (retire).
  6. When I (talk) to him he (be) exhausted because he (train) for three hours.
  7. Before the teacher (come in) the pupils (copy) the homework from one another for half an hour.
  8. Hardly the manager (sit down) when somebody (knock) at the door.
  9. No sooner Jenny (turn on) the TV than the lights (go off).
  10. When the man (see) the fire in the forest he (call) the firefighters.
  11. When the firefighters (arrive), the people (try) to put out the fire for a long time.
  12. She hardly (order) the drink when the waiter (bring) it.
  13. She (tell) me that her brother already (go) out.
  14. By the time Marianne (think) about his proposal he already (marry) somebody else.
  15. No sooner she (open) her mouth than the dentist (pull) out her tooth.
  16. Jennifer (explain) for five minutes when she (realize) everybody (leave).
  17. The manager (tell) his staff that he (invite) some specialists from abroad.
  18. By the time Jenny’s mother (come) back in the kitchen she (spread) the entire bag of flour on the floor.
  19. They (be) friends for five years before the (get married).
  20. He (stop) the car the moment he (hear) that strange noise.

Present Perfect Simple&Continuous/ Past Simple

  1. We (be) at the baker’s a few minutes ago.
  2. “You (send) the mail?” “Yes, I just (send) it.”
  3. I (lose) weight.
  4. What he (do) when he (see) you?
  5. They (have) dinner yet?
  6. I (listen) to loud music for half an hour.
  7. My father (have) this car for only one year.
  8. What he (talk) about for so long?
  9. Mary (be) in the kitchen since she (come). She (cook) for three hours.
  10. How long Paul (wait) for the train?
  11. It’s almost 3 p.m. I (call) you this morning, but I (can not) find you.
  12. My cousin (work) very hard recently.
  13. We (be) friends since we (be) little children.
  14. When Paul and Sue (met)?
  15. I (not receive) any e-mails so far.
  16. Well, I (receive) about ten. Yesterday I (read) about ten, too.
  17. He (ask) you to do that since you (show) up.
  18. I (be) very busy today because I (study) for my Geography exam.
  19. My God! The girls (talk) on the phone for an hour already.
  20. She is very tired, she (work) all day long.
  21. “When you (do) your homework, Dan?” “I (not finish) it yet, but I (write) it since I (arrive).”
  22. Her little sister (collect) napkins for a long time. She already (have) one hundred last week.
  23. How long they (be) here?
  24. The mechanics (not fix) the car they (bring) two days ago.
  25. “The little boy (trip) over a large stone and (break) his nose.” “When it (happen)?” “I think it (be) a couple of hours ago.
  26. Since they last (visit) me, they (see) so many wonderful places.
  27. Excuse me, where you (find) this very nice bag?
  28. What time the children (go) out?
  29. “What you (do) during all this time?” “Well, we (move) to a new house and this week we (carry) the furniture.”
  30. I think he (get) his bike when he (pass) that difficult exam.

Question tags

Question Tags

  1. The concert began at 7 p.m.,______?
  2. They always meet on Saturdays, _________?
  3. The children are playing, _________?
  4. Your son has never seen an elephant, _________?
  5. He can’t play bridge, _________?
  6. We won’t move to London, _________?
  7. Ann doesn’t go to school on Saturdays, _________?
  8. You didn’t pay in cash, _________?
  9. The dog can stay on this mat, _________?
  10. The price of the food has gone up again, _________?
  11. My driver is waiting for me outside, _________?
  12. The festival begins this Monday, _________?
  13. Her father will be fishing at this time tomorrow, _________?
  14. The teacher won’t have checked our tests by next week, _________?
  15. He should have learned more, _________?
  16. It isn’t snowing now, _________?
  17. The mechanic had finished repairing your car by then, _________?
  18. Her cat doesn’t like bananas, _________?
  19. These apples aren’t fresh, _________?
  20. Our teacher has just entered, _________?
  21. The baby hasn’t been crying for such a long time, _________?
  22. They lived in a village a long time ago, _________?
  23. I am very good at Maths, _________?
  24. She must have succeeded, _________?
  25. Your little sister always washes her little doll, _________?
  26. Jerry was working in the garden when you phoned him, _________?
  27. Father shouldn’t shave, _________?
  28. The housekeeper wasn’t dusting the furniture at that time, _________?
  29. He could have done it, _________?
  30. I am not so stupid, _________?