Exercitii THE

Pune “the” acolo unde trebuie:

___ more you know, ___ more you realize you still have a lot to learn. ____Books are interesting and ___documentaries even more, and they make you realize there’s a fantastic world inside you, ___ world of your own dreams.

Have you ever thought about climbing ___Everest or going on a trip to ___ Alps?

If not, maybe you’ve always wanted a ride on a camel in ___ Sahara.

Listen to yourself! There’s a crave for a crazy week in a room at ___ Hilton on ___ Seychelles or in ___ Hague.

___Monte Carlo is waiting for you to jump on ___ yacht of your dreams. And navigate across ___ Mediterranean.

After the heat of ___Monaco, ___ cold island in ___ North Atlantic –  ___Ireland itself –  is fascinating with ___ ancient castles and makes you remember ___ summer you might visit it.

And if ___ beauties of this world are not enough for your dreams, aim for ___ Moon or even ___ rings of ___Saturn!

Don’t be disappointed by ___ real world! “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”, as ___ famous Nietzsche said  🙂


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